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   Chapter 236 Call Me Grandma

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Amy locked her tear-filled eyes on Autumn eagerly. But for Autumn, this was overwhelming as this old lady was simply a stranger. She withdrew her hand in one swift movement with embarrassment and greeted her, "Hello, Mrs. Zhao."

"Mom, you have scared Autumn by your over excitement, " Abby said to Amy. Abby was much younger than Bowen but she was still Autumn's aunt.

"Sorry, I'm just too excited and happy." Amy wiped her tears from her cheeks and told Autumn, "I heard that Cindy is very fond of you and you saved her life so I just got so overwhelmed when I saw you now. I hope you don't mind."

"It is alright." Autumn smiled. She didn't mind it at all but she felt a little shy and awkward to speak with a stranger.

After considering for a moment, Amy told Autumn, "You can call me grandma, child."

Although she hadn't told Autumn their relationship yet she still hoped Autumn would call her grandma.

Autumn was a little confused. As she was about the same age as Abby, she thought it would be weird to call Abby's mother "Grandma".

"My parents were quite old when I was born, so since then most of my friends preferred to call them grandma and grandpa instead of aunt and uncle out of respect and love. Besides, now that Cindy calls you 'sister', you can call Amy 'grandma' just like Cindy." Abby tried to explain to her with a smile.

"Oh, I understand." Autumn nodded her head slightly then greeted Amy, "Hello, grandma."

"Hello, Autumn." Amy couldn't contain her emotions, but Arthur stood up immediately and told her secretly, "How could you be so excited before Autumn? If you continue to speak like this, you will scare our visitors away. Didn't you say that you would pre

father and I never allowed him to screw around outside. We tried our best to protect him but he was fooled by a woman and lost his life because of her. I have always blamed myself for stopping him from marrying that woman. If I hadn't done that, maybe your brother wouldn't have..."

"Stop talking like that, Mom..." Abby felt the stinging pain. She had almost forgotten everything in those years, but Amy always spoke to her about it. She still remembered that her elder brother treated her well. Even after he left their family, Bowen would always send her gift on her birthday until the year he died.

"Don't cry, Mom. We are so lucky to find my brother's child, so please don't let Autumn know our secret, not yet please." Abby said as she wiped Amy's face for her.

"I understand and will be careful." Amy nodded her head and added, "I didn't agree with father's decision to drive your brother out of our home. We never in our wildest dreams expected what would happen after he was forced to leave. He has been gone for years and I have accepted the fact. Now the only thing I can do is to try my best to compensate with his daughter.

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