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   Chapter 233 The Old Faded Photo

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"I am not lying." Gary shook off Edward's hands, smiling bitterly and said to him, "Chris is the daughter of you and Maggie. Maggie found herself pregnant when you were in jail. To protect Chris, I didn't tell you the truth. After you got out of the prison, we were even more afraid to tell you because you harbored this intense hatred for Maggie. We couldn't help but keep this a secret for so many years." said Gary helplessly.

He paused for a few seconds, took a sigh and went on, "I was not planning to tell you this ever. It may be unacceptable and hard for Chris to accept and I am afraid that she may be seriously affected. But in any case, she is your daughter. This is something that none of us can change. Now you are going to marry Rachel. But do you know that Chris and Rachel are about the same age? Have you considered how Chris would feel if you insist on getting married to someone of her age? She is your offspring. You could ignore how others feel, but you have to care about hers. You should now take responsibility for her."

"Why didn't you tell me this earlier?" Edward struggled inwardly. It turned out that Maggie had never betrayed him and even gave birth to a daughter for him, which gave him a warm glow inside. Meanwhile, Edward felt guilty for misunderstanding Maggie and judging her too quickly.

"Edward, Maggie died of dystocia that year. She was a great woman and a good mother. She never betrayed you even if you were put in prison. I just hope it would not be too late to tell you this right now." Gary thoroughly knew what kind of person Edward was. He understood that it must be Rachel who took the initiative to seduce him. If it weren't for her, Edward would not have made such an impulsive decision. Gary knew that it was time for him to tell Edward this secret so as try to stop him from marrying Rachel.

"You are right. You are an adult now and you should hold on to your own discourse. But you should know clearly that if you are going to recognize Chris as your own daughter, you should also consider whether you should get married to Rachel or not," added Gary patiently. Gary was clear that he couldn't force Edward to make this decision at such a critical moment. He must give his younger brother some time to think about it.

"Brother, even if Chris is my daughter, things would not get mor

he had always disapproved of telling this secret to him.

After hearing this, Gary nodded slightly. "I know you have regarded Chris as your own sister and you also took very good care of her for so many years. But at the end of the day, she is Edward's flesh and blood. I am sure that you also don't hope Edward get married to Rachel, right?"

Gary paused for a while. "No matter what will happen in the future, we have to remember that Chris is always a part of our family. That will be enough. You don't have to care about anything else as long as you keep this in mind." Gary continued in a meaningful voice.

Meanwhile, Edward just kept silent on the way back home. Rachel could feel that something must have happened in Gary's room. It felt strange that Edward looked a little bit serious and upset as he finished the conversation with Gary. He was behaving abnormally. Though she was eager to know what had happened, she said nothing.

When they arrived home, Rachel went to take a shower first, putting on a sexy pajama. She stepped to Edward who was holding an old faded photo, staring blankly at it. "Edward, who's in the picture?

What are you thinking? You have been out of your mind since you came out of your brother's room. Tell me what happened. I am so worried about you. Tell me. Perhaps I could help you. Don't just keep silent here like this." said Rachel. She fell into his arms while talking, showing a soft smile. She secretly took a glimpse at the faded photo. A very pretty and elegant girl, at around eighteen years old was in it.

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