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   Chapter 232 Chris's Real Identity

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"You can marry anyone you want. But you can't bring this woman into our family!" Gary said in a stern tone. "You must break up with that woman as soon as you leave this room. Give her everything she wants. Money, travel or any other compensation."

"Impossible!" Edward objected immediately. "I am determined to marry her and I won't change my mind. I know that I brought you a lot of trouble all these years, but I can handle my own now. I actually don't need you to interfere with this part of my life. I came here just to inform you that the wedding is to be held in the middle of next month. I will be glad to see you there. Even if you don't show up that day, Rachel will still be your sister-in-law and I hope that you can respect her."

"How can you make such an unwise decision?" Gary closed his eyes and lowered his voice. "Have you never doubted her real purpose to be with you?"

"I don't care if she has other intentions. She is the one whom I have decided to marry, " Edward declared.

Gary had educated his younger brother as if he had raised his own son. However, Edward had been so rebellious that he went astray. Fortunately he had turned into a good man after being kept in jail for several years. Now he was capable enough to run a company, but... he still lacked wisdom when it came to relationships with women.

"Gary, I know that you're looking out for me and what's best for me. But I am an adult now and I can take care of myself. I need you to have faith in me." Edward continued. "Sun Company and Shining Company used to be one company established by our father. He intended to hand over it to you. But you divided it into two companies and let me take over one. I have always kept your kindness in my mind. I promise you that I will leave the Sun Company to Charles even if Rachel and I had our own children."

"Impulsive as always. First Maggie and now Rachel. When will you be more sensible?" Gary almo

s firm in not visiting Edward as she didn't want him to worry about her. She had planned to meet Edward after the child was born. However, she died soon after the labor.

Charles's parents had treated this child as their own daughter. After Edward was released, Gary did not tell him that he had a daughter. At that time, this child was small, so Gary thought Edward wouldn't be able to take good care of her. But today, he couldn't keep Edward in the dark any longer. He couldn't let Edward continue to misunderstand Maggie and keep blaming her. That's why Gary revealed to him the girl's real identity. This girl has grown up to be Chris.

But Gary regretted it as soon as he said these words. He didn't know how Chris would respond to this. However, it was too late to take these words back.

"It can't be." Edward murmured in disbelief. "How is it possible for her to have my baby?"

Edward couldn't think clearly. When he heard that Maggie died after childbirth, alone and misunderstood, he felt great pain as if his heart was torn to shreds. He would rather see Maggie live happily somewhere than receive such horrible news.

"You must be lying. You just wanted to see Rachel and me split up. That's why you made up such a lie, didn't you?" Edward asked, grasping Gary's hand.

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