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   Chapter 228 Be Late

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"Well I will be ever grateful, " Andy responded with a bright and optimistic smile. He was somewhat comforted on hearing this as they were still worried about it. But they realized if Charles would like to do them this favor, then things would get better results when compared with their effort alone. And this was the right way to go about it. "I had a chat with my father-in-law about this. Though Autumn gets along very well with my little daughter, Cindy, she is still not familiar with our entire family. So we were hoping to get in touch with her as strangers instead of her family members so that she could get to know us gradually. Sometimes in this manner she may come to like our family, and after understanding the situation, it may become easier for her to accept the truth. What do you think?"

"Okay. Please do as you think appropriate, " responded Charles. He nodded in approval and went on to add, "I am just happy about the prospect of Autumn reuniting with her family members who will actually accept, love and cherish her as she is. I have no other wishes. But I just hope that she would not improperly belittle herself in front of me. The essential thing is that she should be able to be more nerved in face of Wendy."

"I know. I understand your concerns." Andy nodded in agreement. "Well, then since everything seems to be in order we will wait for your arrival at home tomorrow, " said Andy with great appreciation.

"Okay, " replied Charles briefly. At the moment, Chris was feeling bored in one corner of the room. She approached Autumn once she saw a little and lovely girl sitting beside her. Chris walked over and started to play with Cindy who didn't reject her at all, and was frolicking cheerfully.

"Autumn, who is this child? She is so adorable and lovely. I like her very much." Chris asked Autumn while poking fun at her. "Wow, Autumn, she looks very much like you. Don't you see the striking resemblance? Is she your illegitimate daughter?" Chris joked around with Autumn.

"Chris, what nonsense are you babbling." Patting Chris's back gently, Autumn complained, "I came across Cindy in Z City when I traveled there. This is her mother. Please don't crack such jokes in her presence."

Saying this, Autumn took a glance at Abby to check her temperament as Autumn was afraid that Abby would be annoyed by such an absurd and inappropriate joke.

"It really does not matter. It is just a joke." Abby smiled softly and jumped into the conversation, "Cindy looks like me while in fact I look a little like Autumn, so it is no wonder you feel that way." Abby explained to Chris patiently.

Upon hearing this, Chris glanced back and forth at Autumn and Abby, who ind

fact that Sam took the initiative to call Autumn instead of her.

In a cinematic move, the crowds cleared from the center to make way for some dancing as music sounded and made the room come alive. There was a young man who took a fancy to Lu family's fortune and came to strike up a conversation with Chris. "Hello, Miss Lu, would you like to have a dance with me?" The man said while reaching out his hands, waiting for Chris's answer.

"Sure, I would love to." Chris responded as she reached out without any hesitation.

Astonished, Sam looked at Chris, walking away with another man. Upon seeing this turn of events, Autumn stepped forward as she laughed at him, "It may seem that Chris is mad at you."

"You are laughing at me, Autumn." Sam pretended to blame Autumn. "I asked you to help me by explaining what happened to Chris. Then why is she still so angry with me?"

"I remember that you said you don't love her, " said Autumn. Taking a glimpse at Sam, she turned to Charles and said, "Now if you don't love her, then why do you care so much about what she thinks and feels about you?"

Saying this, Autumn paused for a few seconds and then continued, "I have discussed this matter at lengths with Charles. Chris is a beautiful girl and she comes from a notable family, so it is easy for her to find a brilliant bachelor suitable for her. Now that you don't love her, we hope she won't waste any more of her time on you. We held this birthday party for her so as to introduce her to some good men. And we will search for a suitable man for her until she finds a boyfriend."

Autumn grinned while saying this to Sam. "Her brother and I will take care of her alliance with a suitable man. You don't have to worry about this anymore, Sam, " said Autumn in a soft yet assertive tone.

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