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   Chapter 224 Her Name is Autumn Ye

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"Becky, don't speak to Aron like that, you know he cares about you, " Mandy persuaded her. Somehow she believed that Aron would still marry Becky as long as she persisted. She continued, "Aron, Becky's not been in a good mood lately. Would you kindly ignore her brashness. You know that you're the one she only loves, can you... be more patient with her?"

Mandy yanked Becky's arm and said, "Look at you, you can't even control your temper. What would you do if Aron really left you?"

Becky let out a bitter laugh and said, "What makes your think he'll want to marry me after what has happened? It's not going to happen, mom. Stop dreaming!"

She walked up to Aron, stood in front of him, and said, "Aron, from now on, I don't want to have anything to do with you. Do I make myself clear?"

She wasn't able to get the man she loved, so she turned her love to hatred.

Her hatred for Aron was as strong as her love.

Becky intended to leave right after she had said everything she had to, but Mandy persisted. Becky understood what her mother was going to do, so she said to her assertively, "Mom. just come with me, okay? If you continue to pursue this, I promise you that I will never come back home."

Mandy had no choice but to give up and leave with her daughter, even though as a mother, she was reluctant to let go of her daughter's chance at happiness. She murmured, "Becky, dear, why would you say something like that? There could still be a chance to salvage this if you are willing to show remorse. But..."

"Enough, Mom!" Becky yelled at her mother. She stood there in the cold wind, pulling her wind-breaker tightly, as she held her head high.

She had belittled herself to Aron for too long; it was time to get her dignity back. There would be a lot of other suitors for her, besides Aron. However, the thought of Aron being with Isla annoyed her far too much. She was determined not to let

d husband, was the focal point of everyone's envy.

Charles smiled, as his face gleamed with happiness and satisfaction, at the sight of his sister and wife walking down together.

Someone from the crowd said, "Miss Chris, you're looking so beautiful today!" The others followed suit and began to cheer and praise her beauty as well.

Chris smiled politely at everybody, but Charles and Autumn knew that she wasn't really happy.

"Come on, let's go and cut the cake." Autumn pulled Chris and stepped on the stage with her. Charles followed them.

"Ladies and Gentlemen..." Charles cleared his throat and said, "Thank you for coming here to celebrate my sister's 22nd birthday. I'd like you to meet my beloved sister Chris, and if any of you would like to take her out on a date, let me know, I'll help you with that as long as I like you too."

The entire place erupted with laughter. Embarrassed, Chris said, "Come on bro, it's not like I need you to advertise for me!"

After a while, Charles turned serious, and said, "All right, now I would like to introduce another beautiful woman to all of you. This is my wife, Mrs. Lu."

He held up Autumn's hand as they stood in the middle of the stage side by side. Charles said, sincerely, " Her name is... Autumn Ye."

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