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   Chapter 223 Don't Pretend to be Kind

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"Emmm..." Before the policeman started to talk, the wretched man on the side stood up to speak to Aron, "You are her friend, right? I can tell you that I'm being treated unjustly. As we are both adults, she has the ability to distinguish whether she was forced or not, then why is she accusing me of rape? Last night, I paid for her drinks and accommodation. Do you have any idea how many glasses of wine she had drank? I've spent eight thousand yuan on her alone! If I had any intentions of raping her, why would I spend so much money on her?"

With every passing moment, the salacious man grew angrier as he retold the incident. "Moreover, there are witnesses who can prove that she followed me willingly when I brought her to the hotel. She gave her consent. Why am I being accused of rape then?"

"Sit down and shut up! You have no right to talk!" The police officer reached for the man's shoulders and forced him down to sit on the chair.

"Whatever he said is true. Miss Zhang had drank too much; she had lost the mental capacity to control herself. When she woke up, and realized that she was taken to a hotel room, she called the police in anger. According to the facts of the case, this cannot be classified as rape. However, Miss Zhang is too angry to be sensible right now and she is determined to file a lawsuit against him. We can't do anything about it at the moment, so we asked you to bail Miss Zhang out." The police officer said to Aron. "As to what Miss Zhang has suffered, please rest assured. We won't rest until justice is delivered fairly."

"You shameless rapist! I'm gonna kill you!" When Mandy heard the salacious man explain himself, she screamed in a fit of rage and rushed towards the man. Her daughter meant everything to her. When she found out that her treasured daughter had been raped by such a pathetic man, she got so furious; she could no longer see straight.

Mandy was swift enough to get near him before the people around her could hold her back. She landed an open-handed heavy slap

you forgotten?

Now that we are separated, you don't have to pretend to be nice to me anymore.

Huh? Have you come here just to humiliate me even more?

You see, I'm just a loose woman, who'll sleep with just about anyone. I am no match for someone as distinguished as you. Are you satisfied now?"

"Becky, don't talk like that..." Mandy frowned in sadness. She regretted not accompanying Becky to the hospital that day.

"Have I said something wrong?" Becky felt as if the whole world was against her. Every path she took was marred with difficulties. In a state of desperation, she asked Aron, "When I was pure and untainted, did I do anything wrong by falling in love with you?

Why was it so difficult for you to love me, even just a little?"

Becky laughed bitterly, "Why do you think Isla is better than me? Why is it that after all those years we've spent together, you still don't want to love me? I have loved you wholeheartedly, you know? I admit that I used the wrong way to win your love, but was I not worthy of your love?"

Aron stood there silently and emotionlessly. Becky continued, "If you want to sever all ties with me, you must leave me alone. What do you want by helping me now? Are you feeling pity for me? Don't even bother.

From now on, we are strangers to each other. Please don't pretend to be kind to me."

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