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   Chapter 222 Police Station

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"Mandy, do you really have no idea... how my grandma got injured?" Aron asked, skeptically. 'Since Mandy doesn't want to let it go, I need to tell her what Becky did to Grandma, ' Aron thought to himself.

Mandy narrowed her eyes with a bit of anxiety when she heard Aron's tone. Of course she knew what had happened to Joanna, but she had to keep pretending to be unaware of it because she didn't want them to cancel the wedding. As for the wedding... she was unwilling to give up on it.

"Isn't Isla responsible for your Grandma's injury? What does Becky have to do with it? Don't try to change the subject, " Mandy answered.

"I never said that Becky was involved in my grandma's injury. Why would you assume that?" Mandy's ambiguous defense was shot down by Aron. The only thing she could rely on was her strength to pester others.

"I..." Mandy muttered. After a long pause she continued, "I don't really care about that. Are you going to marry Becky or not?"

"No, I am not, " Aron replied straightforwardly. "Mandy, we won't be pressing charges against Becky for what she did to my Grandma. I won't ask you to return the bride-price. I have even saved your family's face at the press conference. I have done more than I should have, for your family, but if you keep coming at us like this, I'll be forced to take drastic measures against you."

"You..." Mandy stammered. Once she realized that she couldn't persuade Aron, she turned to Mike and Joanna. "You know what kind of girl Becky is. She would never do such a terrible thing. The wedding preparations are almost done; we can't call off the wedding now. Please help me persuade him not to act so rashly."

"You flatter us, " Mike responded. He got annoyed at the thought of being cheated by Becky's fake innocence. "Mrs. Zhao, marriage is an important commitment, to Aron. Now that he doesn't have feelings for Becky, we sho

on. "Becky, what... happened to you?" Mandy strode to Becky and asked as her eyes filled up with tears.

"Mom, I'm fine, " Becky replied calmly. She didn't want to show her fragile side to Aron. When she woke up and found herself lying naked next a stranger, she freaked out at first, and then composed herself. When the wretched man explained to her what had happened, she knew his words were true, but she still called the police because she wanted to punish him for stealing her virginity. When the police officer asked her to contact her family, she didn't cooperate. Finally they checked her call records and found the number she had dialled frequently. That's why they called Aron.

"You foolish girl! Why didn't you come to me after you had suffered this? I would have helped you, " Mandy said to Becky, looking heart-broken.

Becky smiled bitterly and thought to herself, 'What could she do? All she knows is how to harass others with unreasonable demands. I have already learned that from her. Now, I can't even get back with Aron anymore.'

"Are you Becky's family?" The police officer asked, turning to Aron and Mandy. "Sir, I am Becky's friend. May I ask what's going on?" Aron walked up to the policeman, when he saw Mandy speaking to Becky.

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