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   Chapter 219 Your Family Background

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It was Leila who spoke to her. From her appearance to even her aura everything seemed to have changed drastically from the way she used to be.

"Leila? So it is you! What a coincidence!" Autumn greeted her with a faint smile. 'Now that I meet her here, it is innocuous to greet her.' Autumn thought to herself.

"Ye, you have come here after such a long time. It feels like I have not seen you in forever, " replied Leila. Leila was a lovely and elegant woman earlier but now she had somehow transformed her usual style with an air of superiority as a sexy woman laced with strong perfume. Autumn was shocked about her change as she had not met her in a long time.

"How have you been doing recently? How is work treating you?" Autumn inquired politely as she thought that it was required of her to extend warm greetings to Leila, her former colleague.

Leila made all efforts to look like a million dollars simply because she was Charles's assistant. The role of playing second fiddle to him went straight to her head leading her to become highly conceited.

Leila always hoped to meet Mrs. Lu someday but as she was drowning in heaps of work in the past few days she did not even pause to think about it.

While bearing in mind that it was Autumn who introduced her in the company for this specific role, she remained kind and courteous to her. "I have to thank you Ye. If it weren't for you I wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to get this job in Shining Company and contribute in the capacity I have. And in a small bid to extend my gratitude, I would love to take you out for a meal, " Leila responded with a big warm smile.

"There is absolutely no need to thank me, Leila. Just work hard and prove your worth." Autumn said while maintaining her calm and dignified tone with a faint smile. She didn't want to waste any more of her time to exchange warm greetings with Leila, as Chris, who was accompanying her, was left waiting. Without thinking more, Autumn smiled and said in a bid to end their conversation. "What are you doing here Leila?"

"Oh there has been a lot of work pilling up these days. Mr. Lu seems to handle the biggest load of work. It may even appear like he has lost his appetite over the increasing burden at work. I asked David about it and he told me that Mr. Lu likes to eat food from this particular restaurant. So I came here to buy some food for him. I was worried that he may develop some health problems if he maintains this poor diet, " replied Leila.

"I see..." A slight frown appeared on Autumn's face as she heard Leila voice her concern. She was immensely worried but she also felt a pinch of discomfort and embarrassment upon hearing her words.

Reflecting upon her tone, Autumn felt like Leila was trying to covet something that belonged to her. Charles was her husband then why should Leila develop such concern and care for his health?

her to take care and then turned to leave. Autumn could sense that Chris was still worried about her as she tried to catch glimpses of her while entering the premise.

Carefully, Wendy looked up and down at Autumn to check her out and realized that Autumn looked more beautiful than ever. She was radiant, dressed well and looked elegant. But soon, her bottled up resentment surged up as she recalled that Yvonne was still in the hospital. With a sly smile Wendy said sarcastically, "I am your birth mother and still I had to wait like a stranger outside for the whole day just for an attempt to meet you. This is simply ridiculous. Don't you think so? Well you were busy shopping with Chris while I was here waiting for you. Your clothes are latest and yet limited edition. Wow you almost look like a rich elegant woman of noble birth now. You must be so pleased to transform yourself like this and sustaining such a lavish lifestyle by using other's money."

Autumn's eye brows were furrowed tightly. She took Wendy's words to her heart as she was always reluctant to use Charles's money. However, as she retrospected, Autumn realized it was only natural for her to use Charles's money. The qualms of conscience soon vanished.

'Charles is my husband so why couldn't I use his money?' Autumn thought.

"Is this the matter you have come to discuss with me?" Autumn asked in a cold voice and then went on, "If this is what you are going to talk then I might as well get into the house now. Our personal matters have nothing to do with you." As soon as Autumn completed her sentence, she turned to leave.

"Wait! Stop right there." Autumn's reaction was like a slap on Wendy's wrist and she recalled her real purpose in asking for her time. Rushing up to Autumn, Wendy stopped her in her tracks and said, "No, of course this is not my purpose. Actually I have come here today to talk to you about your family background."

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