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   Chapter 216 The Encounter

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"Then let's wait and see." Aron put out his cigarette and walked away. Left alone, Becky could not control herself any longer. She sank to the floor and gathered her arms to hug herself. The crushing defeat was too much to bear and she had no idea how to start over after this.

Becky left the hospital with puffy eyes, not knowing that Wendy had been following her. Wendy saw what just happened between Aron and Becky and she knew that she could use Becky for her next plan. She followed her secretly, just a few steps behind Becky. They should not be seen together. Wendy had a small opportunity to catch up with Becky when she got out of the hospital, but a familiar figure suddenly came out of nowhere. Stunned, she just froze where she was standing.

With Joanna's surgery done, Arthur was ready to leave the hospital. He came early in the morning to pay the Chief doctor a courtesy visit and wanted to leave quietly, but all the doctors who knew him came to see him off.

"Doctor Zhao, I do not know who to consult on complicated medical issues after you leave."

"Exactly, Doctor Zhao's leaving is so sudden, we still have a lot to learn from you."

"All right, ha ha." Arthur laughed. After Joanna's surgery, he still had his personal matters to handle. The whole family was going to move back to the city, so he had to look for a nice house. He had also, finally talked to Autumn. "If there's something you don't understand, just call me, and I will tell you all I know in a heartbeat." Arthur replied to the other doctors with a smile, "I will come back to visit some time, and maybe it would be your turn to give me checkups."

"You are healthy, and you will live a long life." A nurse said.

Arthur just smiled and continued, " I always think that people should accept the fact that they are getting older. I know that I'm old and I'm not going to run away from that. Now I would like to spend time with people my age. You may also visit me if you have time, I will definit

him, "No, I'm not talking about Bowen's child, but...... my younger daughter. The older girl, Autumn she...... is doing well."

She was telling the truth.

"Autumn, so her name is Autumn." Arthur savored the meaning of the name. He didn't like it. The name had a tone of sadness of the wind and falling leaves.

"That's right, it's the name Bowen gave to her." Wendy said. "She is 25 years old, just got married two months ago, and is now doing well."

She wanted to tell Arthur the current situation of Autumn and to prove that she had never mistreated her.

No matter what, Autumn was still Arthur's grandchild, and whether the Zhao family would accept her, Wendy would definitely not take the risk of annoying Arthur.

"This time you are back...... for good?" Wendy looked at Arthur in front of her. Although he did not say the main purpose of his return, she could feel that it must have something to do with Autumn.

"Yes." Arthur nodded slightly, and then said to Wendy, "I'm old now. People always say that leaves fall close to the root. When I was abroad, I always wanted to come back and see Bowen, and see my grandchild whom I have never met, I've talked to my wife about it and we have made the decision to return here. I'm moving back first and when I've arranged everything, they will come together."

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