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   Chapter 215 Press Conference

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"Grandma...." Becky held Joanna's hands, "Aron listens to you. You can surely talk him back into marrying me."

"Becky, I wanted to talk to you so I could apologize and acknowledge your efforts in caring for me and my husband. In return, I did treat you with the due love that befits a granddaughter-in-law. But with what happened...... It is quite another story...."

Becky slowly let go of her hands, losing almost all hope.

Joanna would have considered forgiving Becky despite her faking pregnancy and even pushing her into a coma. But Joanna could not overlook Becky shifting the blame onto Isla who almost got thrown into prison because of it. She could not possibly give Becky another chance now.

"Becky, I have to remind you. Even though Aron grew up under my love and care, he is now a grown man with his own thinking and disposition. Anyone, I am sure, would be furious at your treachery." Joanna let out a heavy sigh, "I had long assumed that Aron had a prejudice against you. Now, Aron should be able to choose whom to marry at his own discretion. He knows what kind of girl is right for him. My husband and I will no longer interfere with his decisions."

"It being the case, there is no point of my staying here!" Becky quickly changed her tone, dropping her act. With all possible hope lost, there was no need to talk to Joanna with respect. She let out a sinister smile, "Don't you know? I can't wait to see you dead. After your death, Aron will be mine forever."

Becky screamed out to Joanna. "You are as good as dead to me!"

Joanna remained well poised at Becky's sudden change of character, for there was no point of getting mad at her.

Joanna grinned, "You have lost your mind. I dare say if you killed me, Aron would send you to jail, much less marry you." Joanna continued, "Although Mike and I trusted you wholeheartedly, Aron kept searching for evidence to prove your faked pregnancy during his four years abroad. Now that he has them

ou will be the death of me. I acknowledge my mistake but please give me a chance to redeem myslef, I will......"

"You are deluded to think that will happen!" Aron broke off Becky's hands and warned, "My decision to cancel the wedding, as you should know, shows my extreme patience towards you. Speaking at tomorrow's press conference was meant to favor you and lessen the shame. But I will make the public known of the cancellation with or without your presence, which would be a scandal to your family. We are over, Becky. You and I are done."

"Why do you like hurting my feeling this way?" Becky looked at Aron in desperation and cried, "My four-year devotion to you, as I believe, should be repaid with your love and trust, but.... now I find myself a complete idiot."

Aron didn't care the slightest bit about Becky's feelings. Becky deserved whatever had befallen her.

"From the very beginning, the woman I love has been no one but Isla. But you resorted to treachery and deception to break us apart and that lasted for four years. Fortunately, destiny has arranged for Isla and me to meet again despite the challenges of life. You and I on the other hand were never meant to be together."

"Have we ever been together?" Becky smiled bitterly. "Aron, I will make you regret your decision someday!"

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