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   Chapter 213 Confrontation

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"Why are you asking such a question, Dad?" she asked, a frown visible on her face. Yvonne and Wendy stared at each other, both of them feeling embarrassed.

"It's just a hunch. I may have been abroad with your mother during this time but I know that you've been living together with Charles. You two might have a close relationship but if he's proven to be the father of the child, we have to seek justice for you, " Simon said. He was not willing to let Yvonne escape from the marriage. But he couldn't seem to think of other ways to make a difference. As Yvonne was his only daughter, he wanted what's best for her. He hoped she'd end up having a happy married life. And he believed that Charles was undoubtedly the ideal partner for Yvonne.

"I initially didn't want to let Autumn get married but now that it's all said and done, we can't do anything about it. It's not like we can change what already happened. But if you are able to prove that Charles is the biological father of your child, I will do everything to make sure that you will get all of the support you need, "

Simon said, facing Yvonne.

Hearing this made Yvonne and Wendy extremely happy. They badly wanted Simon to get involved. Though Charles has nothing to do with the baby, getting Simon's favor would definitely make it easier to get what they want.

Clearly anxious about the current situation, Wendy started to continue talking despite her hesitation. "Simon, just like what I've talked about earlier- Let's talk about it later." Wendy said.

"But why?! I know that Autumn is now married to Charles and you may be delighted to accept it. But don't forget that you have two daughters. You need to treat them equally, " he said. "Yvonne had to abort the baby because of Charles! How can she get married to someone after what happened!?"

"Dad, it's not true…"

"Of course I felt upset when she told me about it. Who wouldn't? Can you imagine how much suffering she must have gone through?!" Wendy exclaimed.

"Yvonne didn't want to tell Charles about it for fear of getting shamed! He didn't know the baby a

"Why would you make me regret it?" Aron asked, frowning angrily.

"Let me make this clear for you, Wendy. If you don't mention what has happened, I would do the same. But if you keep acting like that, I will make sure that I will get even sooner or later, "

Aron sneered as he walked straight towards Joanna's ward.

He felt bad for treating Wendy the way he did but he couldn't help it. He became even angrier as he saw Becky upon entering the ward.

Becky felt something was strange after talking to Aron on the phone. She decided to go to the hospital, knowing that she would find him in Joanna's ward. But she didn't expect that Joanna had already woken up when she arrived.

She stood at the door, unable to move an inch. Her feet seemed to be glued to the floor, stopping her from walking any further.

"How dare you come here?!"

Mike was ready to drive her away without even waiting for Aron to talk. "Becky, I used to trust you with all my heart. I can never imagine how you can do such a cruel thing to Joanna. Get out! I don't want to see you again!"

"Grandpa, I-" Becky trailed off, unable to complete her sentence.

She didn't expect to find Joanna to wake up so quickly. Overwhelmed by panic, it suddenly dawned on her why Aron was so aloof yesterday when he answered the phone. It turned out that he already knew she was the one responsible for hurting Joanna.

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