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   Chapter 212 Suicide Farce

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"Oh my. You are such a silly girl, aren't you? Why did you have to take things too hard?" Simon Gu said, fear written all over his face. He immediately sent Yvonne to the hospital upon picking her up from the bed. A huge sense of relief washed over him when the nurses started to lead her to the emergency room.

At the end of the day, Yvonne Gu was still a part of the family despite everything she had done. As her father, he was responsible for the well-being of his daughter. It disturbed him that she could go as far as committing suicide just because of their misunderstanding. What's worse, he didn't even have a chance to say a word.

"Look at what you've done. If it weren't for you, this wouldn't have happened! How can you do this?! If something bad happened to Yvonne, I'll make sure you'll regret what you did, " Wendy exclaimed, pointing her fingers towards Simon. "Are you even aware of what you did? You slapped her in the face! I could never do that! Yvonne is my daughter and she is very special to me. How can you accuse me of such a thing?! You will definitely regret all of this if something bad happens to her."

"Enough!" he yelled, extremely upset. He didn't think he had the strength to hear any more painful words coming from Wendy. "If you have really taken good care of her, how can this happen? If she was in really good hands, she wouldn't even think about doing such a thing! This is entirely your fault!"

He yelled even more loudly. "Don't pass the blame on me! You're the one who's been hounding us ever since you've had a son!" Wendy said, trying to sound reasonable.

"That's not fair. You're not making any sense!" Simon Gu was about to argue further when a nurse interrupted them. "Why are you guys fighting in here? This is a hospital. People don't go here to scream at each other. Can't you see you're disturbing our patients? Better go home if you don't have the decency to act like civilized people."

Simon and Wendy were rendered speechless. They stood aside as the nurse passed, too embarrassed by the scene they had caused. They realized how ridiculous it was to fight while Yvonne was still in the emergency room, hovering between lif

y to Aron doesn't mean that I don't love you. But I need to be considerate, " Simon said. He's still unable to accept her daughter's affair but he decided to let it go.

"You know nothing about the business since you grew up under your mother's protection. Aron, on the other hand, has a broad work experience and he has already managed his own company abroad. I also made sure to confirm his reputation before making my decision, " he further explained. "As you can see, our family is struggling as of the moment. The only way to survive this is to hand over the company to someone capable."

Simon stared at his daughter, trying to see if they could arrive at a better understanding. "Aron is your brother. He won't leave you alone. Besides, I have already set aside enough money for you and your mom to spend for the rest of your lives, " he said, trying to offer some reassurance.

"I just want to be with you, Dad. That's all." Yvonne then went to his father, lifting her arms to embrace him.

"Don't worry. I'll make sure to stay by your side, " Simon replied, touched by Yvonne's gesture. He welcomed the embrace, making the most out of the moment.

Yvonne stole a quick glance at Wendy, winking at her as she leaned into his father.

Simon, totally unaware of what just happened behind his back, decided to ask what had been bothering him. "Yvonne, I still want to clarify something. Is it true that Charles is the father of your child?"

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