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   Chapter 211 The Battered-Body Trick

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"Anyway, I will never allow them to further use the money that my late mother had saved up. Otherwise, it would be shameful to meet her in the netherworld." Aron said coldly.

Simon furrowed his eyebrows. "Aron, it was I who failed you and your mother. However, so much time has already passed. You should have treated Wendy with more kindness as she has been with us for so many years. Anyway, we are one family bound to mutual trust and love."

Every word Simon uttered was in favor of Wendy and Yvonne. After all, Simon had his affection for the two of them because they have been together for a long time.

Simon had prepared a big sum of money for them to live comfortably for the rest of their lives. As for Aron, he intended to let him run the dying family company.

"One family? My grandparents are my family. I will be in trouble unless they find out what they have to be warned. It is well advised that you prepare this sum of money as soon as possible, otherwise, we will properly settle it in court." Aron said with contempt.

"I was going to take a walk, but now I have lost any desire to do so. Goodbye." Aron hurried away, paying no attention to Simon's pleading.

Simon stared at Aron's receding figure, with a growing sense of bewilderment about his son's character, which was quite different from when he was little.

Aron used to be timid, easily cowed and introverted, keeping his distance from Simon, who favored Yvonne more. This was why Yvonne grew up spoiled.

However, at that moment, with pride and confidence, Aron was no longer that child.

"Simon, what took you so long!" Wendy welcomed Simon, holding


Wendy's anxiety started to rub off on Yvonne "OK, in that case, what do you have in mind? If Dad pressed with this matter, what should I do...."

"Regain your composure first. You are still the apple of his eyes, and he won't abandon you anyway." She whispered to Yvonne, "We may try the battered-body trick. You should...."

Meanwhile, Simon got tired waiting and decided to go upstairs to talk to Yvonne. Then Wendy hurried downstairs, forgetting to put on one slipper.

"Why are you in such a hurry? What about Yvonne?" Why is she still upstairs?" Simon became rather impatient.

Wendy, mastering her emotions, cried to Simon. "Simon, our daughter... just cut her wrist to end her life."

Simon's blood ran cold and ran to Yvonne's room as fast as he could, forgetting the scandal he had intended to investigate.

Wendy secretly smiled at the sight of Simon's anxious figure.

She knew that this trick did work.

Simon raced toward Yvonne's room and found her lifeless on the bed, covered in her own blood. The scarlet red color was all over the white bed sheet.

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