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   Chapter 210 No Qualms Of Conscience

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He looked at Yvonne, but found her face pale, looking horrible. He couldn't help but ask, "What do you mean? She almost became a mother?"

"You didn't know that? Aron was surprised that Simon never knew. "She had a miscarriage. Actually she has just been discharged from the hospital a few days ago. Yvonne is your daughter too. Didn't Wendy say anything about it?"

Simon was baffled. It took him a long while to process what Aron had just said. How could it be possible?

Turning to Yvonne, Simon asked, "Is this true?" Yvonne lowered her head, unable to look her father in the eye. Simon took her silence as a yes.

Simon's face went red with rage. Though he always cared about his only daughter, he was a man with a strong traditional disposition. Premarital pregnancy was something he could not tolerate.

"Simon, don't get angry. Please listen to me and I will explain everything to you." Wendy desperately tried to appease her husband but he was too mad to listen. "Shut the hell up! I am asking if Aron is telling the truth? Answer me! Now!"

"Yes." Wendy weakly replied.

"You..." Simon was too angry to say anything else. He tried to storm out but Aron quickly stopped him. After all, Simon was his father. Simon cared about Aron and was always considerate of him before he married Wendy. Aron felt sorry for his father who had been deceived by Wendy.

Then Aron calmly said to Simon, "I am going to leave now. You have to handle this on your own. But I still have to remind you, if you want Gu's Group back, then you'd better prepare enough money.".

"Aron, you are pushing us over the edge." Wendy looked at Aron with irritation. "Aron, we are all family. Yes, your mother invested much money to Gu's Group, but she did it out of her own free will. And yes we know that it was her dowry. But through many years, your father and I also devoted ourselves to Gu's Group. Now you ask for tens of millions. Do you want the company to go bankrupt?"

"You are also the part of this family. Aron, think twice about what you are asking from us."

Aron burst

f person she is, so there is no need for you to speak for her. I won't change my mind to her. And no matter what she did, it made no difference for me."

"Aron, we have said this again and again. You are also a part of this family. To be honest, the request you made is not very reasonable. It is no wonder that Wendy got so angry." Hesitant, Simon finally said directly. "You are my only son and I shall definitely hand Gu's Group to you. But why are you so anxious to empty the company account? Wouldn't it be absurd if you inherited a depleted company? Think of it, Aron."

"Let me be honest. I have never cared, nor will I ever care in the future whether you hand Gu's Group to me or not." Aron was smiling but his voice didn't hide his indifference. "I would not really be asking for that much money from the Gu's Company if Wendy had treated me better. After my mother died, you married her and brought her to our house. Don't you remember what she did to me?"

Aron stopped for a few seconds and then went on, his voice rising in agitation. "She accused me of stealing her money, but you turned a deaf ear to my explanation. This forced me to leave the Gu family. To make matters worse, you used my mother's dowry to feed and support every whim and desire of your new wife and daughter in all these years. And now you act as if nothing happened. You are just impossible!"

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