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   Chapter 209 This Isn't Your Home

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"Why have you come back? This isn't your home anymore. Can't you see that you're not welcome here?" asked Yvonne. She couldn't control her anger towards Aron at the thought of how he had helped Autumn with setting her up.

Simon slapped Yvonne across her face. The sound of the slap echoed throughout the living room. Yvonne looked at Simon with surprise. 'He has even never raised his voice to me, ever since I was a child, but now he has raised his hand against me for Aron's sake.' She couldn't accept this.

"You hit me?" Yvonne said, as she covered her face with one hand.

Simon instantly regretted slapping Yvonne. He didn't slap Yvonne because he disliked her. On the contrary, he was proud to have a daughter like her, and always doted on her. However, Yvonne had gone too far this time. He simply lost his temper...

Simon felt deep regret after slapping her. 'Yvonne shouldn't have spoken to her brother Aron in that manner. After all, he is my son as well as my only successor.'

"What are you doing? Why did you raise your hand to her instead of reasoning with her?" Wendy came in, seeking to use this opportunity to stop Aron from coming back. "Yvonne shouldn't have treated Aron in such a rude manner. Nevertheless, you shouldn't have slapped her because of that. You have never raised your voice to her before, but now you've slapped her because of your your son. Now that we're unwelcome in this house, we shall leave at once."

"Why?" Yvonne asked, her eyes filled with tears. She was heart-broken. She had never imagined that Simon would hit her. "Father, why should we be the ones to leave this house? Mom has served you, both loyally and wholeheartedly; She does not deserve this. What about him? What did he ever do for you? He is the one who should leave, not us, " Yvonne continued, pointing her finger towards Aron.

Aron stood still, watching Wendy and Yvonne silently.

"Yvonne, don't you see? We're no longe

d to Simon.

"You should give up on it if you think it's too troublesome, " Yvonne sneered and continued, "No one forced you to come home."

"I had already made up my mind before coming here. I am willing to leave this company to you, but..."

"You must give back the money that my mother invested in the company, with interest. Once you pay me off, I will disown the Gu family and renounce my right to claim ownership of the company. Do you accept my offer?" he continued after a pause.

"Done!" Yvonne replied with a satisfied smile on her face. Yvonne no longer desired a man's companionship, and all she yearned for was money. "After you get your money, you must sign an agreement renouncing all of your claims to the Gu Group."

"Of course! As long as I get the money back, I will sign on the agreement, " Aron responded with a cold smile. "We're a family. You don't need to sign any agreements. You're her older brother and he is just a little girl. You shouldn't take her words too seriously, " Simon persuaded, looking unhappy.

"Little girl? She almost became a mother. She isn't an innocent little girl anymore." Aron's words were like a kick in the gut. Neither Yvonne nor Wendy expected this. In all his confusion, Simon didn't know what to make of what Aron had just said.

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