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   Chapter 208 Coming Home

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After he left Isla Zhao's office, Aron Gu received a phone call from Becky Zhang, who somehow received word that he was here. "Aron, I was told that you were in Isla Zhao's office. Why the hell did you go there? Did she say anything bad about me?"

Becky arranged an informant outside Isla's office because she was concerned about the relationship between Aron and Isla. When she got word from her informant, she couldn't wait to call Aron and ask him about what happened.

"I am telling you, my cousin is very jealous of the fact that we are getting married, so she's desperately trying to slander me. Please don't believe a word of what she says." Becky was very nervous to clear her relationship, while Aron remained silence all the while.

Becky waited for a long while and when she didn't hear a word from Aron, she asked carefully, "Aron? What's wrong with you? Why aren't you talking to me?"

"Becky, did you ask someone to spy on me?" The mere thought of it gave him a panic attack. If Becky did send someone to spy on him, there was a chance she might have found out what had happened to Joanna.

'No, it can't be. If Becky had known about it, she wouldn't have made this phone call, ' Aron thought to himself.

"No..." Becky hurried to explain herself and said, "I trust you, Aron. I don't need to send anyone to spy on you." I just have a friend in Isla's office. She saw you there and told me about it. Please don't think otherwise."

Aron didn't want to continue with the conversation. He said to Becky, "I am busy right now. Got to hang up."

For the time being, Aron had no intention of revealing Becky's lies. He decided to wait until Joanna got better.

Aron went home to take a shower and change his clothes. During this time, he missed a number of phone calls from Simon Gu. Simon had been waiting for him at the house for quite some time and was getting a little concerned about Aron's whereabouts.

"Simon, come over and have a seat, " said Wendy Ye. She was annoyed at the way Simon was acting. Aron Gu had been away from his family for a very long time. During his absence, it was Wendy and Yvonne

Just don't make trouble with your father and your brother."

Immediately, Yvonne stopped talking, as her face turned grey.

Disregarding what Yvonne had said, Simon held Aron by his arm and showed him in. He asked, delightedly, "Aron, we have renovated the house after you left. Does it look different now?"

His happiness beamed from his smiling face. "We kept your room, just as the way you left it. You can come back whenever you like."

"No, thanks." Aron gave a brittle laugh and said to Simon, "I am just here to check on you today. It's good to see that you are all right. But, I am not coming back to live in this house."

Simon's face turned red all of a sudden. He asked Aron, "Do you...still blame me?"

"Come on, Aron. Your father has missed you a lot. It's been a long time now and you should let go of the past." Wendy tried to help her husband out, as she tried to avoid talking about what had happened in the past. She tried to make Aron feel guilty for not forgiving Simon for his mistakes.

"Please don't say that." Aron said to Yvonne with a cold smile, "I haven't seen you and Wendy for a long time. How have you been? You must have been very happy, since I was not around."

"Please don't say it like that, " Wendy answered with embarrassment. While Yvonne jumped in abruptly and returned fire, "Yeah, that's right. We've been very happy without you here. I wish you'd never come back."

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