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   Chapter 206 Let Bygones Be Bygones

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"My dear son, I beg you to come back home." Simon didn't really know how to get along with Aron; That was the main reason behind their failed relationship.

"I have missed you, during your long absence from home. You should cast your displeasure to the wind. I have asked Mandy to prepare your favorite dishes. Why don't you come home tonight?" Simon pleaded to Aron on phone, "We'd better talk it over at home."

Aron's silence made Simon more anxious, "It has been so many years, have you still not forgiven me?"

"Let bygones be bygones. There is no point in asking me for my forgiveness, " Aron replied with great composure, "But I think... there's also no need for us to see each other again. We should just treat each other like strangers."

"My dear son!" Simon lost his self-control at Aron's indifference and cried out to him, "Now I've realized my mistake in having failed your mother, and being overwhelmed by the growing sense of guilt. Besides, I have also failed to care for you after your mother's death, and I left you in a state of helplessness. It was all my fault."

Simon sighed and continued pleading, "Aron, you are my only son. After my death, you will inherit our family estate, and you will be entrusted with the important duty of running the family company. At least, come back home, even just to save my face."

Aron sniffled at his father's offer. In truth, Aron was hesitant to take over his father's distressed company. But he had already promised Authur he would handle the task he was entrusted with.

Simon continued his appeal regardless of Aron's silence, "Anyway, I will wait for your return. Our home address is still the same."

"Ok, but I'll have to check my schedule, " Aron replied. He hung up the call, and then went straight to the company where Isla worked. It was worth mentioning that Isla worked overtime with Autumn to implement the proposal from Mr. Hoada, without respite.

Becky would not have kept pestering you, had you not done something questionable."

Isla glared at Aron with contempt, "Enough with your double-dealing! I have learned from all the pain you've inflicted upon me. I won't believe you anymore."

"Please let me finish what I want to say, " Aron implored Isla with his helpless eyes. However, this time he had hurt Isla too deeply, and so all he got in return was her cold shoulder.

Aron hesitated but somehow managed to blurt out, "My grandma has recovered from her coma."

"Really? That is a fantastic news, indeed!" Isla was rendered speechless. She wasn't expecting to be proven innocent, if not for Joanna's quick recovery.

As a matter of fact, most credit was due to Autumn, for the part she played in Joanna's recovery. However, Autumn chose to remain quiet about her aid and took pleasure inwardly at Isla's exoneration.

"Aron, your grandma was thought to be comatose for the rest of her life. How did she..." Isla was at a loss for words, but her eyes were filled up with tears of joy.

"It was all thanks to Miss Ye." Aron smiled at Autumn gratefully and said, "It was Miss Ye who requested Doctor Authur to undertake the successful operation. Joanna would not have recovered without the help of Autumn and Charles."

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