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   Chapter 205 Call From An Unknown Number

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"My four years' investigation has paid off. I was informed that Becky bribed a doctor into falsifying her pregnancy, so... Becky was never expecting my child; I don't owe her anything." Aron felt quite relieved after disclosing the whole plot.

"A shocking story... indeed!" Mike was terrified after what he had just heard. He didn't expect Becky to be such a big liar.

Behind Becky's good manners were countless hidden agendas. Mike was overwhelmed by the horrible reality.

"So Becky's pregnancy was just a ruse?" Mike asked Aron in amazement.

"Exactly!" Aron nodded gently, "At the time, I didn't have sufficient evidence at hand to disprove her pregnancy, so I decided not to tell you, because I was afraid that you'd worry about it too much. When I tried to talk to you about it later, grandma went into a coma, unexpectedly. Fortunately, now that she is awake, I finally have the chance to explain the entire situation and myself to you."

"Dear grandparents, I must acknowledge my error in promising to marry Becky, but I did so to prevent Becky from acting out of desperation. The last thing I would want to do is to marry a treacherous and deceptive woman like Becky. I would rather remain single all my life, than be married to her."

After Aron clarified his thoughts on the matter, Joanna voiced her opinion: "Aron, previously I was left in the dark about the whole thing and so I ended up forcing you to marry Becky. Luckily still, you chose to act on your own rather than to follow our advice. Now you are free to marry whomever you love. As for Isla..."

Joanna paused and continued, "I will try to get along with her if you really love her, but I am not making any promises. Do I make myself clear?"

Aron smiled subtly at his grandma's words. Although Isla was a bit aloof, she was also kind at heart. Aron believed that sooner or later, his grandparents woul

g a number from Y City. He hesitated for a few seconds and then decided to answer the call.

"Who is this?"

It was Simon who spoke to Aron sternly, "Why haven't you called me to let me know that you've returned to Y City? Don't you have the slightest bit of respect for me?"

"……" Aron fell into silence, with his phone still clutched in his hand, feeling unpleasant from hearing his father's voice on the other side of the call.

"What insolence! Why aren't you saying anything?" Simon had always been hard on Aron, which was very different from the way he treated Yvonne.

Aron, all of sudden, was brought back to his childhood, the memory of which crowded his mind.

"I don't think there is anything to talk about between us." Aron wouldn't have responded had he not thought of Authur's request, "Simon, I am surprised to receive your call, as we have been out of touch for many years."

"Aron, I want to sincerely apologize to you for my past mistakes. But..." Simon was overwhelmed by a growing sense of regret and guilt at the recollection of his only son's departure.

Simon did whatever he could do to find Aron's phone number, so that he could get in touch with him. He promised himself that he would win back his son's love and trust.

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