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   Chapter 204 The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

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"You two need to stop quarrelling right now. Don't make a scene here, " Aron said to his grandparents calmly, who were arguing with each other. "Grandma, you don't have to worry about anything. I assure you that I won't marry Becky."

Joanna was relieved by Aron's words. 'If Aron marries Becky because of me, I will have to carry the guilt for the rest of my life. Even after death, I won't find solace, ' thought Joanna.

"Aron, what do you mean? I am totally confused, " asked his grandpa. Mike frowned, and asked him, "Haven't you already given your consent to marry Becky? Now you're telling me that you are not going to go through with it. Don't you know that your wedding invitations have already been sent out. Do you want to make a laughingstock of me?" Mike felt anxious and irritated at Aron.

"Are you muddle-headed? You are only thinking of your prestige and social status but you're not taking Aron's happiness into consideration. Have you considered the consequences of Aron marrying a woman he does not love? How do you expect him to spend the rest of his life together with such a person? Do you think he will be happy?" Joanna scolded Mike.

Mike was puzzled and confused at what was going on. Angrily, Mike asked Joanna, "Are you being serious Joanna? Aron is still young, so I can understand that he may be bewildered sometimes, but you are experienced enough. What excuse do you have for acting the same way as him? Do you really hope for Aron to get married to Isla?"

"I think Isla is a good girl. What's wrong with her?" Joanna replied calmly. Mike was completely shocked to hear this come from Joanna, since she had an abrupt about-turn over Isla in such a short span of time.

Joanna hated Isla very much at first, but now she said that Isla was a good girl. 'What happened to her?' Mike wondered.

"Grandma..." Aron furrowed his eye-brows. Hearing what Joanna had said, gave him the answer to what he was looking for. He believed that his conjecture on the matter was accurate.

"It was Becky who pushed you down, right?" Aron asked directly. He would have waited until Joanna had rested before talking about it, but now that she had mentioned it, Aron wanted to get to the bottom of the matter, sooner rather than later.

He knew Isla well enough. Although Mandy said that they weren't going to press any charges against Isla, Aron understood that Isla must have been upset for being treated unjustly. Isla must be unhappy, because she was innocent of the false accusations made against her.

The more Aron thou

down Joanna abruptly.

"I have one last thing to ask you, " Joanna got serious and said to Aron, "I want to know if Becky was really pregnant four years ago. Tell me, Aron."

Mike got even more furious after hearing this.

Now that Joanna had been aware of it, Aron decided not to hide the truth from them anymore. He had to tell them the whole story clearly because he wanted to get rid of Becky and their fictitious wedding as soon as possible.

"Grandpa, do you remember the other day when you asked me if I had been with Becky before? Although I told you the truth, I didn't tell you the whole story. The day I found myself lying in bed with Becky, I went to the hospital for a physical examination. The doctor found a few overpowering drug traces in my body. And since then I began to suspect that it was Becky who had meticulously planned everything all along. I still have the medical report with me and if you want to have a look, I can show it to you at any time, " said Aron.

He paused for a moment and then went on, "I wanted to come back four years ago when grandma was getting better, but as soon as Becky found out that I was planning on returning, she told me that she was pregnant, out of the blue. However, after our confrontation, she had an inexplicable miscarriage. I didn't say anything even though I was doubtful at the time, because I didn't think she would dare to joke about such matters.

I even felt sorry for her during that time, so I decided not to return and stayed abroad instead. But then it felt strange that she didn't look upset or remorseful after her miscarriage. And ever since then, I doubted whether she was really pregnant or not, " explained Aron.

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