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   Chapter 203 Waking up

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After leaving Becky, Aron intended to go to Isla and tell her his whole plan. However, he received a call from the hospital. He changed his mind and hurried there instead.

He panicked when he saw Mike crying silently on the bench outside the ward. "Mike, what happened?" he asked, dashing to Mike.

"Aron..." Mike looked up, grabbing Aron's hand immediately. "Your grandmother..." she..."

"What's wrong with her? Tell me now!" Aron urged anxiously.

"She has woken up, " Mike replied. Aron was relieved when he heard this. "Isn't it good news?" he asked

"Yes, it is. I just didn't expect her to wake up today." Mike answered, wiping his tears. "I am weeping with joy."

"Is she alright?" Aron asked with concern.

"The doctor is doing some tests on her inside. This time, we need to show our gratitude to Arthur, " Mike said, still holding his hand. He now felt extremely grateful that Aron pushed for this surgery.

As soon as Arthur walked out of the ward, Aron came forward. "Doctor Zhao, how is she doing? Is she alright?"

"Don't worry. She is fine, " Arthur said, taking off his mask. "But she is weak now. She needs good rest without being interrupted. Otherwise, she will be in danger again." he continued.

"You can go inside now."

Aron and Mike hurried inside. When Aron walked past Arthur, he said "Thank you!".

When they entered the room, they saw Joanna lying on the bed with her eyes open. Mike walked up to her and took her hand. "Anna, you finally woke up."

Mike seldom called her by her nickname. When he saw Joanna now up and conscious, he couldn't hide his happiness.


arried? Now, Aron finally agreed. Why do you..."

"Because..." Joanna frowned. She didn't know how to explain this to Mike. After all, he had been treating Becky as his own granddaughter. She was afraid that Mike would be shocked if he found out the truth.

"I don't know how to explain this to you, " she continued. "But in short, I don't agree to their marriage. They can't get married."

"You go to the Zhang family now and tell them that their wedding is called off. Otherwise, you will be ruining Aron's happiness, " she raised her voice, feeling her chest hurt.

"I made this decision for his sake." Mike retorted, frowning. "Now the date has been settled, and the invitations have been sent. If we cancel their wedding, the reputation of our family will be destroyed. Do you think the Zhang family will allow this?"

"I don't care whether they agree or not. I can't let this happen." Joanna insisted resolutely, looking serious. Mike felt more bewildered.

"Anna, what is going on? Why do you suddenly oppose their marriage now?" Mike asked, looking confused.

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