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   Chapter 202 Old Habits Die Hard

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"Try it on, quickly." Isla wasn't as excited to serve as a bridesmaid. It was just another task to get done and be over with.

"OK, before you try yours on, my cousin, first tell me if my wedding dress looks gorgeous." Becky tugged Isla's dress. "This wedding dress, by a famous designer, is customized. There won't be anything else like it."

"Dazzling, indeed!" Isla told the truth. It wasn't to flattered Becky. The wedding dress was truly breathtaking.

"I am so happy to hear that." Becky was all smiles. "My cousin, you always have good judgement and I love the way you are appreciative of this dress."

"My cousin, help me hold your bridesmaid dress and my husband's suit. Try on your dress while I take off mine." Becky said, smiling.

With the bridesmaid dress in hand, Isla was about to change in a fitting room. The curtain wasn't drawn but suddenly Aron came in. He had been calling Isla but she wasn't picking up the phone. He had wanted to explain himself and now it was his chance.

"What are you doing here?" Isla tried to scramble and hide but Aron just stood there motionless. "Are you mad? What do you think you're doing?"

"Yes, maybe I am mad." Slowly, Aron forced Isla into a corner. "Why didn't answer any of my calls? Give me a reason right now!"

"How dare you ask for a reason?" Isla reacted to Aron's challenge with a sarcastic laugh "You should have been ashamed in asking me!"

"Isla, I am marrying Becky out of necessity. Please give me a chance to explain...." Aron really wanted to tell her, but Isla stopped him. "Enough of your terrible lies. I get hurt and humiliated every time you open your mouth."

Isla cast a sharp and painful l


"Since all is done, I have to take my leave." Isla said calmly. Aron stopped her "Wait for a while, and I will drive you back."

"There is no need for that." Isla declined with a cold smile, "You had better take care of your fiancee. I can go back by myself."

"My dear fiance, what Isla says is right. We need to deal with other things." Becky didn't want to let Aron drive Isla back, holding Aron's hands with great affection.

It wasn't easy to see Isla, however Aron failed to take the advantage of the encounter and to ease things between he and Isla. Instead, things were getting worse. Aron had to helplessly watch Isla walk away.

Becky stared at Aron's suit. "The waistline seems a little over-sized. Why not alter it?"

Aron was lost in thought, paying little attention to what Becky was saying.

Becky attempted to ask Aron to dine together, but Aron, on the pretext of business, took his leave.

This almost enraged Becky but she chose to put up with it on a second thought. Aron would marry her soon after her four years' devotion. Once married, she has all the time to win Aron's love.

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