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   Chapter 200 Stop Playing Dumb

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Updated: 2018-11-29 11:51

"Stop playing dumb. Let me be clear to you. Whatever your struggle was, you will always be the trash that was abandoned by the Gu family." Yvonne screamed at Aron.

Wendy who was now beside Yvonne looked at Aron, stunned. She hadn't seen him for years, but she still recognized him.

"Aron, it has been a long time! Why didn't come home when you returned from abroad? What happened years ago was a mistake. Are you still mad at me for that?" Wendy pretended to be innocent. "After you left home, I criticized your father for being so cruel to you, after all, you were just a kid. I also felt guilty for this was because of me. I felt much better when I heard that your grandparents had taken you abroad, " she sighed.

"Your dad will be very happy when he finds out that you're back. You have grown up into a handsome young man, " she continued.

"Aron, how about you come home with us today? I will cook for you and you can see your father. Do you have time?" Wendy asked, taking Aron by the hand.

"No, thanks. I am busy today, " Aron responded as he shook off her hand, and gave Wendy a cold look.

Aron had no intention of wasting time with them. As he turned around to leave, Yvonne gabbed his arm. "Oh don't you just leave yet. Tell me, why did you set me up?" she shouted at Aron.

"Have you gone mad?" Aron was getting impatient. He had no brotherly affection towards Yvonne. He actually detested her.

'There are so many people in the hospital. Now Simon doesn't know that Yvonne had a miscarriage. If he finds out, he will be furious. Moreover, Aron is back and he will let Aron lead the family.

me to the hospital to check on his wife and he remembered how good she was in the past. Over all he was still satisfied with his future granddaughter-in-law.

"I can attend to your grandmother, so you don't need to worry about her. You should spend more time with Becky and with this wedding. It's not easy for her to handle these matters alone." Mike continued.

Becky beamed with delight. Getting married to Aron would be the happiest thing for her. She had no complaints having to handle the wedding matters alone. "Grandpa, I'm just doing what I should do..."

Aron took his coat. "Let's go!" he said to Becky.

Aron had kept silent since they left the hospital. "Aron, how did grandma get a scar on her forehead?" Becky asked, staring at Aron.

Becky had come to visit Joanna for two reasons. One was to ask Aron to accompany her to the wedding shop to try on her dress. The other was to see whether Joanna had woken up or not. To her surprise, she found a scar on Joanna's forehead, which seemed to be from the surgery. She panicked inside when she noticed this.

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