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   Chapter 199 You Came Here to Gloat

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Arthur came to see how Autumn was, and to check on her grandmother. After making sure that both of them were okay, he got up and prepared to leave, but Autumn's grandmother stopped him, "May I... have a moment with you?"

"Hmm..." Arthur hesitated. Autumn noticed him looking at her and considerately said, "I'll clean grandma's room so you two can have some privacy."

"This is about Autumn, isn't it?" asked Arthur after Autumn left.

"Yes, " Autumn's grandmother nodded. "Arthur, Autumn has been through so much. I hope you could help her... At least stop her pest of a mother from harming her again."

Then she told Arthur what happened today - that Wendy asked Autumn for money. Arthur's face clouded.

"Autumn can't help it. No matter what Wendy does to her, she still regards her as her mother, which Wendy takes advantage of, " sighed Autumn's grandmother.

"Is Simon Gu the man Wendy married?" asked Arthur.

"Yes, you know him?" Autumn's grandmother asked back.

"Not really, " Arthur replied. "I heard that Simon has a son with his ex-wife, is that true?"

"Yes, " Autumn's grandmother answered. Not many people knew about it in Y City, but she did. "Their son was miserable, too. I saw him when he was a kid, but I heard that he went abroad with his grandparents, and I never heard about him ever since, " she recalled.

"I see. I'll handle it, " Arthur promised with a nod. "You must rest and don't worry about it. Leave it to me. I'll protect Autumn. No one will hurt her again."

Then he smiled and added, "I've called my wife and told her that I have found Autumn. She is very excited. She will be in Y City in two days. And... we're not leaving anymo

d and said, "Yes, let's join hands, but... "

"But?" Arthur was pleased to hear that Aron said yes, but then frowned at the precondition.

"But it has to be put on hold. Now the most important thing for me is my grandmother's health. And it has you preoccupied, Doctor Zhao... " Aron said lightly.

"Rest assured. I'll do my best to help your grandmother." Arthur replied firmly.

Coming out of Arthur's office, Aron came across Yvonne. Wendy, who was going through the hospital formalities for her, kept talking about something to Yvonne who looked bored.

'It has been really messed up, but it's not completely my fault. Without Autumn, I would be with Charles now.' she thought.

Suddenly she saw Aron. Then she rushed to him, leaving Wendy. "Aron, you must be happy to see me like this. Anyway, I'm your sister. Not only did you frame me, you came here to gloat. Don't you think I have been shamed enough?" Yvonne viciously pointed at him.

"What are you talking about?" Aron wasn't expecting such an attack. "This isn't your hospital. It's my freedom to come here. You're not in a position to forbid me!"

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