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   Chapter 197 Don't Be Too Greedy

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"Gary, I am not pleased to hear such remarks. Autumn is my daughter, and so is Yvonne. I love them both equally. They are the only people I hold dearest in this world. I am not going to be partial to either of them. Yvonne made a mistake before, but I have to take responsibility for her because it is my fault. As her mother, I didn't discipline her well enough. But just as the old saying goes, 'no wool is so white that a dyer cannot blacken it'. Yvonne is still young, so it is natural for young people to make mistakes since they are not experienced. Moreover, Autumn also made a mistake. Although she was married to Charles, she still kept an ambiguous relationship with Sam. When she made a mistake, everyone in your family forgave her. So why don't you be lenient to Yvonne as well?" Wendy stood up to Gary in order to defend Yvonne. Moreover, she even smeared Autumn's name.

Normally, Autumn's loyalty to Charles would have been questioned since Gary had heard this from Wendy. However, Gary did not believe a word of what Wendy had said. Instead he felt sorry and yet indignant for Autumn. What a vicious mother she had!

"I know Autumn very well. I am clear about what kind of girl she really is, so don't try to slander her reputation, " said Gary. He remained indifferent towards Wendy and did not feel the need to defend Autumn. Now that their real identity had been disclosed, it was unnecessary for Autumn to recognize Wendy as her mother anymore, because she wasn't fit to be her mother at all. So it made no difference for Autumn whether she had a mother or not.

"Wendy, why are you here today? Be frank and don't waste anymore time. You have kept Autumn from being with her grandmother long enough. If you still have a conscience, you'd better be frank with us and tell us about the real purpose of your visit here." Gary asked impatiently. He knew that Wendy would never come here without an ulterior motive.

Wendy hesitantly gazed at Gary for some time.

Wendy had never expected that Autumn would have the courage to expose her real identity. And much to her surprise, Charles had really found Autumn's grandmother. Now, she had run out of bargaining power to put pressure on Autumn.

The real purpose of her visit here today was to extort some money from Autumn. It didn't matter to her who Charles got married to, because Wendy's ultimate goal was to get money from the Lu family.

"Gary, don't be so impatient. We are family now. I haven't seen my daughter in a long time. Can't I come here to see her or even live here with her for a few days?" Wendy replied indifferently with a sly smile. She was determined to nag Autumn, since she understood that there was little chance for her to approach Charles now that Yvonne had a miscarriage and their identities had been disclosed.

"Wendy, I

too old to protect her, but since Charles was her husband now, Emily decided to ask him for help.

"Wendy, long time no see, " said Charles in a cold tone. Charles put his arms around Autumn's shoulder, and said to Wendy, coldly, "Don't misread me this time. As soon as I give you the 30 million, we will not be related anymore. Most importantly, Autumn will have nothing to do with you from now on. What do you think of this deal?"

Charles glared at Wendy and then added, "But if you refuse my offer this time, I'll take necessary actions to deal with this situation, as I see fit. Then we will see you in court."

"Charles, don't..." Autumn's eye brows furrowed into a crease since she didn't want to give Wendy so much money. She didn't deserve it.

"Don't worry. I will handle this." Charles smiled and consoled Autumn patiently. As long as it could be solved by money, it was not going to be a big problem. "Grandma is in her bedroom. Go and keep her company. I will take care of this. Don't worry about it. Trust me."

But Autumn was reluctant to leave until Gary asked her to.

After Autumn left, Wendy smiled slyly and then said to Charles, "I want 50 million. And I promise you that as soon as I get the money, I will never cause her any trouble ever again. What do you think of it?" Now that she knew Charles was willing to pay her 30 million, Wendy was determined to extort him for an extra 20 million.

It was very obvious that Charles loved Autumn unconditionally. No matter how much Yvonne tried, she was still unable to change Charles's mind about Autumn. Wendy, on the other hand, was not going to give up so easily, so she decided to extort a large sum of money as compensation.

"Wendy, here is a small tip for you. Don't be too greedy or I am afraid that you will come to regret it, sooner or later." Charles said coldly, while he sneered at her.

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