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   Chapter 190 An Overseas Call

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"Exactly. Such an horrible mother, don't you think?" Autumn gave a bitter smile and continued, "Of course I refused to marry Charles at that time. But Wendy Ye... took my grandma away and hid her. She told me that my grandma would receive medical attention if I married Charles. If I refused, I would never ever see my grandma again." Autumn couldn't hold back her tears. Chris was filled with anger. How could a mother be such a monster to her daughter?

"Autumn, please stop crying. You got married to my brother and you are a part of our family now. Grandpa, Charles and I will protect you from Wendy Ye." Chris held Autumn's hand to comfort her.

Autumn dried her tears and continued, "If Wendy Ye had my grandma treated by a doctor, I would have been grateful for that. However, she didn't even hire a nurse to take care of my grandma. She only used my grandma to blackmail me."

With her illness, Emily was at death's door. Every time Autumn thought of it, she regretted having trusted Wendy Ye. She realized that Wendy Ye would never be a kindhearted person.

"Then, what happened?" Chris didn't expect Autumn to have such a miserable past. She felt sorry for her.

"I managed to find my grandma, but she is dying. I hate Wendy and Yvonne for that. When Yvonne had a miscarriage, I called Wendy and told her that I wouldn't take care of her." Chris was already family to Autumn, so Autumn wanted her to know everything, and to know that not all mothers loved their children.

"Wendy Ye... didn't care about Yvonne at all. She said that since Charles was not the baby's father, it did not matter that Yvonne lost the baby. She asked me to take good care of Yvonne, hoping that Yvonne could take Charles from me when she recovers." Chris was dumbfounded..

"What? How is th

ion so soon.

"The sooner she has the operation, the better. She must wake up, so that Miss Zhao can clear her name." Charles replied.

Early the next morning, Autumn readied herself and was going to take the subway to the company, but Charles insisted on driving her there. As he pulled into the entrance of the building, several employees saw Autumn getting out of his car.

Autumn cast a sharp glance at Charles and said, "I told you not to drive me here. They are going to gossip about me again."

"It's no big deal. We are married." Charles answered and kissed her goodbye.

By the time Autumn entered Cloud Advertising Company, gossip had already spread. She stepped into the hall and saw the employees gathered around. Upon seeing Autumn, they immediately went back to their desks and began to work.

Autumn ignored them. She hadn't come to the company for a long time, and she had a lot of documents to deal with.

To her surprise, she saw Isla. Isla was supposed to be at home resting. What was she doing here?

Autumn pushed her office door open and called to Isla, "Isla, come to my office."

Isla was a little confused. She stood up and entered Autumn's office.

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