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   Chapter 189 The Story of Autumn

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Softhearted as he is, Charles consoled Yvonne. She had just lost her baby and the doctor said that she had less than thirty percent chance of conceiving again in the future. Charles felt sorry for her.

His words of consolation gave Yvonne hope somehow. She stepped forward, holding his hand and said, "Charles, you still care about me. You must love me, or you would not comfort me today."

"Have you lost your mind?" Charles got rid of her hands and stepped back. "Haven't I made myself clear before? If you dare make any more trouble for Autumn, I promise that I will take some steps next time and you will regret it."

"Charles, if you dare leave me alone today, I will call the police right away. I will tell them it was Chris who pushed me and caused my miscarriage. If she gets arrested, how long do you think she will be imprisoned?" Yvonne burst into sneer. She thought Charles would be threatened but he remained expressionless.

"Are you threatening me?" Charles coldly asked, squinting at her.

Filled with guilt, Yvonne hesitated. But she could no longer take back what she had just said. She was convinced that Charles could not bear his sister going to jail and that she could win him back.

"Yes. You can regard it as a threat." Yvonne kept smiling stubbornly and continued, "Charles, Chris is your only sister. You probably don't want her spending a minute in jail. This won't do you any good. Think carefully."

"Do you think you can threaten me?" Charles shook his head. Yvonne was too simple-minded and she may have forgotten that Charles was a big shot in Y City. He was capable enough to make people believe that it was just an accident. Who the hell did she think she was? He would not bow to anyone.

"Yvonne, no matter what you do, I won't be with you, let alone fall in love with you. Just give up and stop this madness." He then walked out of the room, leaving her alone and furious.

"What is going on? Tell me. Did s

way with another man whose wife died soon. They got married and Yvonne was born shortly after.

I have been living with my grandmother since I was a child. My father passed away when I was four years old because of a serious illness, so my grandmother is the only family I have in this world."

Autumn felt extreme sadness as she recalled how Wendy forced her to marry Charles for Yvonne. Wendy was her natural mother, but she treated Autumn viciously.

"Gu's Group was in need of a financial bail out. At that time your brother, Charles was about to marry Yvonne. Simon and Wendy planned to take advantage of the situation. Yvonne's marriage to your brother would save Gu's Group from bankruptcy. Unfortunately, to everyone's surprise, Yvonne ran away with another man."

"No one expected that she would elope with someone else, except for Wendy who had known this before the wedding, because your brother had a bad reputation at that time, so she consented to her daughter's running away from the wedding. Wendy no longer wanted Yvonne to marry Charles, and instead forced me to marry your brother in place of Yvonne."

"What? You are kidding me! They really went too far!" Chris was completely shocked by Autumn's story. She never thought that there would be such a cruel mother in this world.

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