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"No, you're lying!" Yvonne retorted.

She always had the assumption that Charles refused to accept her because of Autumn. "Autumn, I will not spare you!" she continued with hatred in her voice.

Autumn could feel a headache approaching. Somehow, she still felt sorry for Yvonne. Sighing, she said, "Yvonne, I hope I won't see your face again. Take care of yourself."

But Yvonne yelled at her, asking her to stay.

"I need to see Charles, do you hear me? I need to see him right now!" She demanded as she grabbed her hand to keep her from leaving.

"Yvonne, why do you..." Autumn asked, her forehead wrinkling into a frown.

'Everything can't be salvaged, what's the point of her meeting with Charles?

Besides, he won't even agree to meet with her.' Autumn thought to herself.

"Stay!" Yvonne cried out once again, looking distressed.

"If you don't bring him here, I will call the police. I'm sure he'll come to see me after Chris has been put behind bars." She threatened.

"You..." Autumn trailed off, now looking at Yvonne with much distaste.

After a few moments of silence, she finally complied, "Alright. I will find him and bring him here."

When Autumn walked out of the room, she immediately saw Charles who was standing just outside. He had left Emily's ward when he was told that Autumn was with Yvonne. Not wanting to see the face of Yvonne, he didn't enter the ward. Autumn stepped forward at the sight of her husband.

"Charles, here you are, " Autumn uttered gently as she embraced Charles.

So much had happened these past few days. If Charles hadn't kept her company, she couldn't have gotten through all of those days alone. Therefore, she felt really lucky to have him by her side.

"What's wrong?" Charles asked, staring at Autumn in his arms.

"Did Yvonne give you a hard time again?" He continued, concern painting his face.

Hearing the name of that woman made Autumn frown. "No, she didn't…" She muttered, unable to finish

marriage was just for show. But then I got to know her and found out that she was completely different from what I initially thought. I started to doubt and see her real identity. When I realized she's not the same as you, I was filled with joy. I couldn't stop my feelings for her ever since then. And before I know it, I was already falling deeply in love."

"You always thought that I should love you just because you're the real Yvonne. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have met her. Today, I want to tell you that the one I really love is Autumn, and it will always be her. Have I made myself clear?" he said, scowling at her.

Yvonne's face turned completely white with embarrassment. She never expected that Charles could say those words directly to her face. 'He even felt glad I escaped from our wedding. How ridiculous!'

"Charles, don't you have any feelings for me? Have you ever loved me?"

Yvonne asked, unable to accept the words he said, clearly in denial.

"I have never liked you, " Charles replied straightforwardly.

"If you hadn't done all the things you did, we might still be relatives.

But now… you're just a mere stranger to me."

"I'm done here. Have a good rest and take care of yourself, Yvonne, " Charles declared, giving her a last indifferent stare before turning away.

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