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   Chapter 187 Old Sweetheart

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"Emily, say no more." Arthur said with a frown, "You are not well now. Let me carry out a checkup for you."

Arthur stretched out his hand to check her situation, but she stopped him and said, "Arthur, that's not necessary. You are a good doctor, but I know my health condition very well. I know I'm dying."

Emily had given her whole life in service of the Zhao family. Arthur was deeply grieved by her physical condition. "Emily, you..." he murmured.

"Don't be sad." Emily smiled. "Everyone dies. I can take care of Bowen in the other world after my death. Arthur, could you please take Autumn home with you?"

Emily worried that Arthur would refuse to acknowledge Autumn because of Wendy. She asked with a hopeful expression, "You will take Autumn back home, right? After all, she is your granddaughter."

Before Arthur could say anything, Emily continued, "Autumn is a good girl. She was well behaved just like Bowen. She was also obedient towards Bowen and me. Sometimes too obedient that Wendy manipulated her. That's why I'm so worried about her."

"Rest assured, I'm here to take her back." Arthur patted Emily's hand to comfort her. "I will take both of you back to the Zhao family."

Emily was elated at Arthur's first half of the sentence, but after listening to the last half of it, she frowned slightly. "I don't have to."

It was enough for Emily that Autumn could go back to the Zhao family. She had long felt responsible for Bowen's early death because she didn't take good care of him. She fell into low spirits and refused to get treatment. She also had to take care of Autumn who was just a child at that time. As a result, her health gave in.

"That's an order." Arthur insisted. Emily had devoted herself to the Zhao family. Arthur made up his mind to h

ready knew about it. She was totally screwed.

"Behave yourself, Yvonne Gu!" Autumn pushed Yvonne away. Yvonne was weak after the miscarriage. She crumbled to the floor, "I'm screwed. Charles knew I was pregnant. He will never ever fall in love with me now..."

"I'm here to tell you that I will hire a nurse for you. She will take care of you while you are here. Don't worry. I'll pay for everything." reassured Autumn. She looked at Yvonne and felt sad for her. "Don't worry. I won't tell anyone that you lost a baby."

People in Y City are very conservative. If they found out that Yvonne had gotten pregnant before marriage, she will be the talk of the town. It would be very hard for Yvonne to find a good husband in the future.

Yvonne, however, was ungrateful and only managed a bitter smile "Autumn Ye, do you think I will appreciate that? I'm telling you, as long as I'm alive, I will fight you."

Autumn looked Yvonne in the eye and said in a cold voice, "Yvonne Gu, I've never thought of competing with you. I know you hate me because of Charles. But you need to know, even if I were not here, Charles would never ever fall in love with you. So stop with your delusions!"

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