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   Chapter 184 A Decided Slap

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Isla, all of sudden, wanted to attend the wedding and nodded in approval. With a forced smile she promised Aron, "Well, as you wish, I will be her bridesmaid."

"My dear daughter...." Isla's Mum pulled her daughter aside and said with a sad voice "My silly daughter, if it is against your will, you do not need to undertake the bridesmaid. Nobody has the right to force you to do it."

"Mum, I am Ok." Isla forced a smile. She wanted to witness the wedding ceremony because Aron wished it, "Mum and Dad, we had better leave now. They need to discuss the wedding and our presence is no longer required."

"Well, let us go." With a heavy heart Isla's Mum agreed.

Isla's Dad, overwhelmed with anger rushed towards Aron and gave him a furious slap. Aron was caught off guard and felt the sting on his face. Isla's Dad showed everyone what a father means to a daughter who had been wronged.

"Uncle, how could you do this?"

"My elder brother, you are going too far!" Mandy and Becky united their voices in protest. Isla's Dad gave Aron a decided slap with such power and might that it terrified Becky.

"Are you Ok?" Becky rushed to Aron's aid.

"I'm alright!" Aron thought he deserved such a slap from Isla's Dad and did not object.

"My elder brother, there is no justification for you to slap my son-in-law." Mandy protested.

"I would slap him, even if he was the most influential and powerful man in the world." Isla's Dad said with determination. "Aron, since my daughter promised to be the bridesmaid at your wedding, I have to respect her decision. The main purpose of my visit today is to tell you of my confidence in my daughter, no matter how

and Aron came to celebrate my birthday where all of us got drunk. Aron and I somehow slept together. It was something that my cousin had the greatest difficulty to forgive. I know that I am partly responsible for it. What's worse, I got pregnant, so..."

Becky sighed and continued her story "Afterwards I followed Aron to America. I never thought that my my cousin would still resent me, despite the passing of the years."

"Becky is telling the truth." Mandy came to Beck'y aid. "It was Becky's fault. But her long devotion to Aron should be enough to make up for her mistakes. I take the liberty to ask for your forgiveness..."

Mandy talked with a flattering smile and said to Mike, "This is really embarrassing, I am awfully sorry."

"........" Mike said nothing. Aron drew closer to him and said, "Grandpa, we had better take a leave now."

"All right." Mike nodded gently and said to Mandy, "We have decided on the wedding affairs for the time being. Becky and Aron should adjust the details as necessary."

"All right, grandpa, let me walk you out." Becky offered but was declined by Mike.

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