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   Chapter 183 I Will Never Be Your Bridesmaid

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Mandy also got Becky's point quickly, and with a bitter smile, said to Aron standing in front of her, "Aron, do you still love Isla? Perhaps it is time for you to come around. You are getting married to Becky soon. And we have already sent wedding invitations to our friends and relatives. It is now written in stone and nothing can change that. So don't bother with your struggles. Forget that woman and don't do anything to hurt my daughter for I assure you that I will never let you go!"

"Mom, don't talk to Aron like that. Be kind." Becky cunningly glanced at Mandy, and pretended to side with Aron like an understanding wife. "I have known him for many years and I know exactly what kind of man he is. Now that he has chosen to marry to me, he will be responsible for the rest of my life. Right, Aron?"

Aron kept a straight face all throughout. Then he laughed scornfully as she finished talking. "Well, that's okay. She can be the bridesmaid if you have her agreement. It is all up to you. I don't care, " replied Aron with a cold tone.

Overcome with joy, Becky's eyes flickered. "Aron, you are so understanding. Thank you."

Stepping forward, Becky took Aron's hands. All of her doubts about his real purpose to marry her have vanished. "Mom, could you ask Isla to come in right now? I want to share this good news with her. I am sure she will be glad to share this happiness with me, " said Becky cheerfully.

Aron's brow furrowed into a deep crease. Becky must not suspect a thing. He didn't withdraw his hands, allowing her to hold his hands tightly.

Mandy proudly went out to the yard and brought Isla as well as her parents back to the living room. She did not tell them the reason why she brought them in. As soon as they entered the room, John asked, "Mandy, do you know what brought us here today? We came here for the sake of my daughter, Isla."

John paused but then continued, "Isla is my daughter and I know her well. She is a kind girl, and she never offends others, let alone hurts people. I am able to understand why others don't believe her. But you are her aunt. Why don't you believe her eithe

my friends. If she declines to be my bridesmaid, I don't know who else to ask."

Aron didn't expect Becky to ask him to persuade Isla to be her bridesmaid. How could he make such a request to Isla if not to intentionally hurt her? He asked her to trust him and promised that he would handle this not long ago. But now, two days later, he was going to get married to another woman. He went back on his words in such a short span of time.

Isla waited. Will Aron make such an unreasonable request?

"Aron, help me persuade Isla please." Becky was behaving like a spoiled brat. Becky held Aron's hands.

Aron merely stared at Isla without uttering a single word. Then Isla took the courage to ask, "Aron, do you really want me to be Becky's bridesmaid?" asked Isla, her eyes filled with sadness.

But Aron still remained silent, so she continued, "If that is what you want, for me to be her bridesmaid, I will agree without a moment's hesitation. Please say something."

Becky smiled triumphantly and nudged Aron, "Do you hear that, Aron? As long as you give your nod, she will agree to be my bridesmaid. Say it. She will listen to you."

Aron was split, but finally said, "Isla, now that Becky wants you to be her bridesmaid, you..." He paused, his lips pressing into a thin line. "Could you please be her bridesmaid?" Aron finally asked in a very low voice while his heart sank with unfathomable bitterness.

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