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   Chapter 182 Bridesmaid

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"The wedding date has been fixed, and that's about it then. I will ask Aron to offer Becky the Bride Price in a couple of days. Does that sound good to you?" Mike asked with a poker face. Aron had finally agreed to marry Becky and Mike should have been happy about this progress. However, as Joanna still lay unconscious in the hospital, Mike was so worried that he was unable to force even the meekest of smiles.

Becky was just very excited to get married to Aron. She lowered her head as she was shy and blushing with happiness with the thought of spending her life with Aron. Mandy smiled and addressed Mike, "We are okay with that. We are so happy that Becky and Aron have decided to get married after all these years. We want nothing anymore and just want them to be happy. Becky is our beloved daughter and we just seek her well-being."

"Please rest assured. Becky and Aron will have a grand wedding for sure which will mark the beginning of their happy marriage. You know Joanna is still in hospital and we are not in the right frame of mind to prepare for the wedding. If you have any complaints please let us know." Mike requested with humility and sincerity.

Becky stole a glance at Aron with her blushed pink face. Although he maintained a straight face, he did not take exception to what Mike said. Believing he had finally accepted her, Becky was thrilled. She didn't care whether they would have a grand wedding or not. As long as she can marry Aron, she would be content even if it was a simple and small ceremony.

She stole glances at his face from time to time. She still couldn't believe that he would be her husband soon.

"Becky, Mike is talking to you. What are you thinking about?" Mandy turned to Mike and explained, "What a silly girl! She must be so immersed in happiness that she can't even utter a single word."

"Mom..." Becky was annoyed with Mandy for expressing her thoughts too bluntly.

Becky turned to Mike and spoke in a soft tone, "Grandpa, I am not a picky person. The wedding affairs are all up to Aron and you."

"Good girl..." Mike nodded in approval after hearing her answer. He

't comprehend why Becky wanted that wretched woman to be her bridesmaid.

"Mike, I also think it is a good idea." Mandy also took Becky's side. She knew what Becky had in mind. Only when Isla would see Aron marry Becky with her own eyes would she truly move forward and get over Aron. Then Becky and Aron would really have a shot at a happy marriage.

"Becky and Isla were close as sisters when they were children. But a small misunderstanding between them drove a wall between them as they parted ways." Mandy sighed and continued, "Isla is a kindhearted girl. The accident was just an aberration. I don't think she meant for it to happen."

"You've grown up now and I am sure you are capable of making decisions on your own. After all you get married only once, hopefully." Mike shook his head sighing with reluctance.

"Aron what is your opinion on this suggestion?" Becky asked Aron with a hopeful expression, "My Mom brought Isla to the backyard just now. If you agree with my idea, I will call her over right now and discuss the wedding together with her."

Aron frowned when he heard that Isla was there. The real reason why Becky wanted Isla to be her bridesmaid was so that she could to test Aron and his loyalty.

She wanted to take this opportunity to find out whether Aron really wanted to marry her despite all odds. She fixed her gaze on him as she tried to decipher every one of his expressions.

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