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   Chapter 181 Poor Relatives

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Every time Autumn thought of her grandma's condition she would blame herself as to how she could be so naive to believe Wendy after all they had been through together. 'If I hadn't believed what Wendy said, grandma wouldn't have missed the best time for her surgery.'

"Wendy you disgust me! How could you neglect grandma's health..."

"Did you find her? I have thoroughly underestimated you, " Wendy declared. "You are my daughter and Yvonne is your sister. You must take good care of her before I come back, as she is part of your family. Do you understand?"

"Grandma is my only family in the world. I don't have a mother let alone a sister, " Autumn shouted at Wendy, sending the message loud and clear across the phone. "Let me be clear here. I will pay for Yvonne's surgery but it is simply impossible for me to attend to her and be at her beck and call. You better come back right now if you are really concerned about your daughter."

Autumn then abruptly disconnected the call.

Meanwhile, Isla and her parents arrived at Mandy's house. They gathered at the gate. Aron and Mike had come here earlier in the morning to discuss Aron's wedding with Becky.

Mandy had seldom visited her brother John since she got married, and John didn't even know where Mandy lived.

"Isla, does your aunt live here?" Looking at the grand villa, John said with his eyes wide open, "Isla, this villa alone must cost over hundreds of thousands."

"Hundreds of thousands? Are you kidding me?" Jina responded blankly, staring at John. "Your sister approached us two years back. She bragged to the villagers that she had spent several millions buying a house."

Upon hearing the estimate, John affixed his eyes on the grand mansion with his mouth wide open. After recalling the purpose of his visit, he rubbed his hands on his pants and intended to shout his sister's name. Isla grabbed him by his hand in an attempt to stop him and rang the bell. She explained to John, "Dad, this is a doorbell. Once you press this button, a bell will notify the residents of the house that they have a visitor. Now almost all of the people living in the city use it."

With an embarrassed smile John responded, "Well... I see." Within seconds a servant appeared at the gate. After briefly observing the three visitors outside the gate, the servant said with a frown, "What are you doing here? You have come to the wrong place

ook them to the hall.

Mandy greeted John and Jina enthusiastically, "Nice to see you! Why didn't give me a call before your visit? I could have gotten you picked up. Isla, my dear, why didn't tell me in advance?"

In the end she just snubbed the blame on Isla.

Isla did not respond but Jina was impatient. She retorted with a snort, "Now you live in such a grand house. How could you spare your time to pick us up? You know what? Your servant didn't even let us into the house, assuming that we were beggars."

Mandy explained with a smile, "Jina, don't get angry at me. You and John have always been my saviors." Then she turned towards the servant and in a reproachful tone commanded, "Lucy, take them to the guest room and serve them well. Do you understand?"

"I will..."

"I am really sorry. I have some urgent matters to attend to. Please retire to that room, have some refreshments and take a rest. I will come to you the moment I get free. Isla, please do me a favor and help me treat your parents well on my behalf."

Before Isla could answer, Mandy said hastily, "Now please excuse me for a moment."

Mandy walked away in a hurry. She assumed that John had come there for Jennifer. 'Today is important for Becky and I can't allow anyone to destroy it.

Becky has waited for four years. And now after all her struggle and efforts she is finally going to marry the man she loves. I can't let anything come in the way on her much delayed happiness, ' Mandy was resolute with her intentions.

Mandy said to Aron calmly, "Excuse me I had to greet some visitors. Let us continue..."

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