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   Chapter 180 Who Got Her Pregnant

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It looked like Chris had given Yvonne a good shove. From the sudden force and blow upon her body, she could not maintain her balance and fell on the ground. She then sat on the ground with a frown on her face.

"Now gather your stuff and leave this house. We don't want to see you ever again, " Chris exclaimed. But instead of waiting for Yvonne to get up, she herself grabbed Yvonne's suitcase and irritably flung it right out of the main door.

From all her past encounters, Autumn knew too well that given Yvonne's character, she just wouldn't accept her fate gracefully. She would instead go to the extreme in this circumstance. But right when Autumn was about to say something to stop her from acting out, she saw her falling, on her back all of a sudden, with a loud thud.

"Come on, you are making us sick with your acting. What a fabulous fake faint! But I must interrupt your performance and tell you that no matter what cheap tricks you pull out of your sleeve today, you must leave this house." Chris now felt so infuriated for Autumn's sake and was trying to defend her. She believed that Autumn must have been forced into this marriage. With that it all made sense to her as why Autumn was keeping Charles at a distance early in their married life, and it was all fair.

Luckily for them, this marriage was a happy accident, they ended up falling in love with each other.

Although Chris was repeatedly nudging her with rude remarks to leave, Yvonne maintained her position, and was turning pale while she was still. Chris then realized that something was terribly wrong. She walked over and tentatively asked, "Please don't tell me that you are just pretending."

The second she glanced upon Yvonne's pale face she broke out into a cold sweat. She thought that she had simply given her a jog to keep her away from Autumn but never realized that it could cause her to faint and turn pale.

Autumn could also sense that something bad had happened. Her face tensed up as she went over to lift Yvonne up and checked her over. Suddenly, Autumn's face changed color. There was literally a pool of blood under Yvonne's body. "We need to rush her to the hospital right now." Autumn cried out.

The accident was also way beyond Charles's expectation. He yanked Chris's arm and urged, "What are you waiting for? Call an ambulance right now!"

Chris was shaken to her core and Charles's words brought her back to her senses. She then helped them send Yvonne to the hospital, almost mechan

Just come back once you get things settled there."

"Hold on!" Wendy snapped as Autumn was about to hang up the phone. "I'm warning you. I will be back in two days. Till then, you must take good care of Yvonne. Should anything bad happens to her again you will be sorry about your very existence!"

"What do you mean? Aren't you planning to come right now?" Autumn's face flushed red. "Wendy, you better get back here as soon as you can. I'm under no obligation to look after her after all that you two have put me through. Time is precious for me as I have to keep my grandma company and take care of her.

"I beg your pardon?" Wendy gnashed her teeth as her grip on the phone got tighter, "I'll ensure that someone takes good care of your grandmother, just attend to Yvonne with all your love and care. Miscarriage is not a small matter, you must keep an eye on her personally and treat her like she's confined in childbirth. Mak sure she recovers completely."

"You liar! When will you stop lying to me?" Autumn blurted out. She didn't plan to confront Wendy about it in this situation. However, Wendy was now trying to take advantage of her with yet another one of her deceitful and manipulative lies. That was the last straw. "Listen, I have already found the whereabouts of my grandmother. You promised that you would take care of her and pay for her medical care as long as I took the place of Yvonne and married Charles. But then what happened? She's now in a serious condition and the doctor said that we have missed the optimal treatment time. It was all a lie from the very beginning. You have done nothing but betrayed me and treated me with hate."

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