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   Chapter 179 Disclosure Of Autumn’s Identity

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 8415

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Yvonne smirked as she took a quick glance at Autumn and then said to Charles, "I have been harboring a secret for a long time. I intended to tell you about it step by step. After all this big revelation will shock you to the core! But it's painful to see you being cheated and betrayed by her. I have no other option but to tell you this secret right now."

"Whatever you want to say, be quick and just get it done, without all this melodrama and suspense!" Charles urged as his hatred and anger increased because of Yvonne's nonsense, "Just say it. You'll have to look for a hotel room. It will take much time. So don't waste any more of your time."

Yvonne turned pale as she felt embarrassed and angry. She took a silent moment to compose herself and with a cold look she said, "Charles, the woman you love and cherish is not Yvonne. She is using my identity. I am the real Yvonne."

There was not an inch of surprise or shock on Charles face. Yvonne was confused. After carefully choosing her words, she continued with discretion, "When you came to my house and asked my parents for my hand in marriage, I was scared and intimidated to marry a stranger. I didn't know you or anything about you. I was so frightened that I ran away when my parents' attention was diverted. I didn't have any plan in mind but I simply was not prepared to marry you. In my opinion, marriage means to live with someone you love for all eternity."

Yvonne paused to catch a breath and then added, "I thought my parents would cancel the wedding if they found me missing and they indeed did that. But I didn't expect… She, I mean Autumn, somehow persuaded my parents and steered them astray. She said if the wedding was not going to be held, no one would benefit from it, especially herself. She suggested getting married to you under my name and further discussed how to deal with the situation once I returned. My parents were convinced."

Yvonne glared at Autumn and continued her narration, "Once I found out that Autumn replaced me as your bride, , I came back. I thought it was an immoral and emotional fraud. Moreover I thought it was time I found out more about who I was supposed to marry."

"What happened after that?" Charles didn't speak, but his occasional glances encouraged Yvonne to continue her story.

Chris froze when she heard the whole truth.

'What has been happening? I have known my sister-in-law since she married my brother. What possible reason could she have to exchange her name with the woman I det

fference to me whether her name is Yvonne or Autumn. After all I love her and who she is. Her name holds no importance to me."

Charles smiled as he slowly turned towards Autumn. Then he added, "As for your affection for me, I sincerely apologize and advise you divert all your energy towards someone who is a potential bachelor. You gave it all out for love when you ran away with Joe. I can't bear your wavering love. You fall in love too quickly and your emotions are transient."

Chris was standing nearby watching the scene unfold. Her brother was so sophisticated on the outside but on the inside he was wild. When she heard his sharp taunt she shook with suppressed giggles.

"Damn you bitch!" Yvonne shouted as she flung herself forward in one swift movement to hit Autumn. She thought Autumn was the one who told Charles about her affair with Joe. If Autumn hadn't told him he probably would have never found out. He might even have accepted her.

"I will kill you!" Yvonne yelled out with all of her bottled rage. If she had been a monster she would probably have torn Autumn into pieces or she would die simply from her fiery wrath.

Yvonne ran so fast that she had reached Autumn before Autumn could react and run away. Chris, however, had sharp eyes and agile hands. She stood right in front of Autumn and pushed Yvonne away with discontent. She said in a querulous voice, "Why are you so annoying? Reflect on yourself when you have trouble. No one will appreciate the existence of a woman like you. Let alone my brother! I advise you not to waste your time on my brother. Go and search for a mate. Maybe someone stupid will cast his greedy eyes upon you."

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