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   Chapter 177 Driven Away

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"Miss... Miss Bai..." Yvonne remembered what had happened before she had blacked out, and she knew what she was going to face now. It was just a stroke of bad luck that she ran into Aron at the party.

However, she was mortified at the thought of having to face so many people. Particularly, because she was almost naked.

She grabbed the quilt quickly and covered her body with it, as her eyes turned red.

Wretched as she was, she was still a woman.

Rachel didn't want to waste any more time, so she interrupted Yvonne impatiently, "Come on! Stop crying!" She winked at Yvonne cheekily and asked, "Tell me, did Mrs. Lu bring you here?"

However, Yvonne didn't respond to Rachel's question because she couldn't stop herself from crying.

"Please tell us, " Rachel urged. When she didn't receive any responses from Yvonne, Rachel lost her patience and grabbed her by the shoulders. She raised her voice to her, "I said stop crying! Tell us what happened, so we can help you."

Rachel softened her voice and comforted Yvonne, "Just tell us, did Mrs. Lu bring you here? Does Mrs. Lu have an illicit relationship with Mr. Qin?"

'No matter what I say next, my reputation can't be salvaged. If only I hadn't been caught by Charles here, but unfortunately he's already seen me. If I help Rachel frame Autumn, Charles will never forgive me. He will keep digging further and further into the matter, no matter what the cost.' Yvonne chose to protect herself, fearing possible retaliation from Charles. At that very moment, she decided to stop acting according to Rachel's plan.

"No, it's not like what you think..." replied Yvonne, still sobbing uninhibitedly. "I... I just had a headache, so I came upstairs to lie down for a bit. Soon I fell asleep and I have no idea of what happened after that."

Rachel asked as her face turned red with fury, "What did you just say?" She didn't expect Yvonne to betray her like that at the very last moment.

Rachel gnashed her teeth and screamed

ht of an unconscious Autumn in Charles's arms, from last night. Having found out what had happened to Autumn, she got infuriated. Fortunately, Autumn hadn't been raped. Otherwise she wouldn't forgive Yvonne.

When Yvonne tried to walk towards her room, Chris stopped her and said, "Your luggage is already here. Get out of here right now. You're not welcome here anymore."

Yvonne asked with a frown on her face, "What do you mean?" 'If I leave here now, I won't have the chance to come back again, ' she thought.

Yvonne continued as she stared at Chris, "Miss Lu, please let me know if I did anything wrong to you. You must keep in mind that this is also my sister's house. You have no right to ask me to leave."

"You're such a shameless woman. Don't you know what you have done?" Chris looked at Yvonne with discontent and continued, "This is my house. You can't stay here if I don't allow you to stay here. Do I make myself clear?"

"I came here with my sister's consent. Don't forget that she is the real mistress of this house. You will have to leave here one day once you get married. No one, but my sister, can ask me to leave here." Yvonne did everything she could, in order to stay in the house. She had no intention of leaving, before Charles and Autumn were back. She wasn't going to let Chris drive her away.

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