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   Chapter 176 Why Is She Here

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Rachel waited for a while but no one responded. She frowned and wondered whether Autumn was still in a drug induced coma. Autumn should be awake by now...

When Rachel was arguing with Charles and diverting his attention, she saw Yvonne take Autumn away. Therefore, she was certain that Autumn was on the bed.

Rachel stepped forward and lifted the covers without thinking too much. When Yvonne's face was exposed, Rachel was shocked and she blurted out, "What is going on here? Shouldn't Mrs. Lu be here? Why is she here instead?

Ken, what the hell is going on here? Please tell me!" spluttered Rachel as she grew angry. Autumn should be the one on the bed. Why was Yvonne here? Rachel was exasperated at what she saw in front of her after all the planning that went into this charade.

"I have the same question for you. What the hell is going on here?" Ken gnashed his teeth as he was infuriated by Rachel now. If it hadn't been for her, he would not have been threatened by Charles and none of this would have happened. Charles recorded a video of Ken confessing the whole scheme including his role in the affair. Ken had to carry out what Aron ordered him to do.

Aron even took away Ken's clothes and left behind only his underpants. Ken had no other option but to stay put in the room and go through the plan.

Ken stared at Rachel with anger and yelled, "Why did you bring so many journalists here? How did you get hold of my room's key card? This is a shocking invasion of our privacy. I am going to sue you!"

"Are you out of your mind?" Rachel was at a loss as to why Ken would say something like that. She pretended like she didn't hear his threat and asked him, "Tell me where is Mrs. Lu. And why is this woman here?"

"I don't know who Mrs. Lu is. I just came to spend sometime with my girlfriend. I'm warning you the last time, get out of my room and take these people with you. And you guys, if you dare to report any of this, I swear I will sue the whole bunch of you for

ld open the door and catch Autumn red-handed. But now the room card was taken as proof of her guilt.

"Could you all please leave my room now? My girlfriend isn't comfortable and has fallen asleep. I don't want the chaos to wake her up." After noticing that the journalists believed what he said, Ken asked them to leave the room. He didn't want to be involved in the drama anymore. Upon hearing that, Rachel immediately had an idea. She rushed to the bed stand, grabbed a glass of water and poured the water to Yvonne's face.

Yvonne instantly got up.

The drug that she used on Autumn was in her purse. Aron had forced her to eat the drug so she had been in a drug induced coma.

Ken could tell from Rachel's reaction that things had gone badly but it was too late to stop her. He helplessly watched Yvonne waking up.

Rachel sneered manipulatively and said to the journalists, "I know you don't believe what I just said. But I want you to know who is lying here. Now Autumn's cousin is waking up. Just ask her your questions and the truth will prevail."

Rachel raised her head high like a proud peacock. She knew that Yvonne would take her side and she also knew Yvonne would not spare an opportunity to tarnish Autumn's image. As long as Yvonne said she was brought here by Autumn, Autumn would definitely be framed.

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