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   Chapter 175 Explosive News

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Yvonne saw Charles became so furious for the first time. She could hardly breathe with his hands firmly gripping her throat. While struggling to push his hands, she begged in panic, "Charles... let me go!"

"Mr. Lu, let go of her throat or you will kill her." 'Yvonne deserves to die, but I can't kill her or I'll be sentenced to death, ' Charles reasoned with himself.

Charles slowly released his firm grip and asked Yvonne with an anxious look, "Tell me why is she still in a coma? I must warn you that if you don't tell me the truth I will not spare you like I did this time! "

Yvonne had sank to the ground in a bid to catch her breath. She was coughing and wheezing. After a few moments, she calmed down and answered, "I... I don't know. I have no idea of what happened."

She did not have the courage to tell him the truth. She knew if she did tell him the truth she would soil all her chances to approach Charles.

Charles threatened as he raised his hand, "Are you sure?" He had never hit a woman, but today Yvonne had totally tested his nerves. Aron grabbed Charles by his hand and threw Yvonne hard to a corner. He said to Charles, "Mr. Lu, it's all right if she doesn't tell us the truth. We still have one witness over there."

Charles composed himself and walked straight up to that man.

Charles observed that man discreetly and said, "I know you from somewhere." With a cold smile he continued his interrogation, "You have worked with Rachel before. I heard that you are a little famous in the show business. What if I post photos of your current look online? I think that will successfully destroy your show career..."

People like him cared the most about their reputation and status. Without those two pillars he could hardly survive in the entertainment circle. Charles knew it very well which played to his advantage.

"What... do you want?" he asked with fear in his eyes. His frivolous reputation was already widely known in the show circle. When Rachel had approached him with this situation, the only thing he asked was whether the woman was beautiful.

When he met Autumn he was struck by her beauty. However, now he realized his career and

veral reporters who were on good terms with her that she had big news waiting for them upstairs. After promising them of a good lead story, she led the bunch of scribes upstairs. When she arrived at the door of room 1805, a sly smile appeared on her face.

'After tonight, Autumn will be a well-known slut. I'd like to see whether Charles will accept her after this.'

A reporter asked, "Miss Bai, why did you bring us up here? What's the secret concealed behind this door?" Rachel replied with a mysterious smile, "You will know when you go inside and have a look for yourself."

She took out a room card and opened the door. When she saw the shadow of two figures lying in the bed, she rejoiced with excitement. Before she could even see their face, she cried out, "Mrs. Lu, how could you... do this? How could you betray Charles like this?"

Rachel shouted with an indignant expression, "I always thought you were a considerate and sensible girl. It never occurred to me that you would cheat on Charles this way. I... If I had known that you are such a shameless woman, I wouldn't have allowed you to steal Charles away from me."

"Mrs. Lu is the woman that Charles brought here tonight with him."

"This is an explosive piece of news. Take photos now!"

Noticing that her plan had succeeded, Rachel asked with a sly smile, "Mrs. Lu, how long are you planning to hide inside the covers? Are you going to keep hiding there all night long?"

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