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   Chapter 172 Are You Willing to Have a Try

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The lights dimmed and the occasional camera flashes on Autumn's face made her feel uncomfortable. It took her a while to adapt to this strange environment. She put her slender fingers on the piano keyboard and soon after, played beautiful soft music.

In all fairness, Rachel was a graceful and experienced dancer and people were not surprised since she was a famous star. However, people did not expect that Autumn would be so proficient in playing the piano. Even Charles was shocked, his jaws dropped to the floor.

He didn't know this, about his wife. Autumn always surprised him.

Rachel moved gently and gracefully across the stage. She didn't have time to think about why Autumn could play so well and why the music was so soothing, because she had to focus on herself. Following the rhythm, she moved elegantly like a butterfly. Her body was soft and flexible like that of a snake. A silky shudder passed from the tip of her left hand to her shoulder and then to the tip of her right hand. The garland on her hand also swayed with her every movement, natural and smooth, like a white lotus, giving out her fragrance.

Rachel selected a dance with a high degree of difficulty so as to show off her dancing skills. The twists and twirls that she had to do during the dance would easily take down anyone with dizziness. But Rachel was confident about herself, and she wanted to impress everyone present at the party.

The rhythm was getting faster and faster. While Rachel knew that Autumn must play it accordingly, she was not afraid at all. Slowly, she stood on tiptoe and began to twirl elegantly. It seemed that she had given her whole mind to her dance as well as the music. According to the rhythm, Rachel should stop gradually. 'Do you want to make a fool of me? No way! Look, I have made it through successfully. It is so absurd to play such a trick on me. But it won't work.' At the thought of this, Rachel smiled triumphantly.

Rachel began to slow down her movement, but she would never expect that Autumn would suddenly speed up the rhythm. She was forced to repeat that part of the dance. She did her utmost to calm down, but made a minor mistake.

Rachel was furious but could do nothing but hide it. Though she had made a mistake, Autumn kept playing and didn't get affected.

When the music ended, Rachel had never been so exhausted and was almost out of breath.

Then Autumn stood up and stepped to Rachel, they both expressed their thanks to the audience. Obviously, Autumn won this round with Rachel resigned and defeated. Autumn looked like a proud princess with a dazzling halo at that moment.

"Thanks. I really appreciate that y

rles just patted Autumn's shoulder and explained to her. "I remember, you said to me that you wanted to meet Mr. Gu one of these days. You can talk to him now. We will go back home when you are done."

"Charles, thank you for being so understanding." Autumn replied and nodded slightly, then she turned to Aron. "Mr. Gu, Isla is my best friend and she often talks about you. I'd like to have a word with you. Do you want to get out of here and talk?"

"Okay." Aron was realized that this woman should be Isla's good friend since she was willing to take the initiative to find him at such a critical time. So Aron agreed to have a talk with her without hesitation.

They went out and sat on a quiet corner. "Mrs. Lu, what are you going to tell me? Do you know something important?" Aron asked directly.

"Well, Mr. Gu, I just want to get something clear today. What do you think of what happened to Isla? Is she the kind of person who would hurt your grandma?" Autumn was also frank with him.

"Of course not. She is kind and gentle. I have never doubted it." Aron knitted his brows and continued, "But I am still struggling for any evidence to prove her innocence. There were only three people concerned at that time and my grandma is still in a coma. Meanwhile everyone at the company office all side with Becky. I just don't know what to do."

"I understand. But if I have a way to help your grandma get out of the coma, are you willing to have a try?" Autumn explained, "My husband has a good friend who is a brain specialist. He has visited your grandmother and said that if he is allowed to help, there is great possibility for your grandmother to wake up. Of course, he has to get your permission first."

Autumn gazed at Aron quietly, waiting for his answer.

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