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   Chapter 171 Do Me A Favor

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Autumn smiled and said, "It's all right."

Noticing that their words failed to upset Autumn, Rachel turned herself towards them, "You always talk about our past. But it's improper to mention those in front of Mrs. Lu."

A fleeting sadness came to Rachel's face. She then continued, "I'm done with Charles, though. I believe Charles had his reasons to choose Mrs. Lu. Perhaps we're not meant for each other. Please don't mention these again, or it will only get awkward between us."

Rachel's expression was contrary to her words. When her fans saw her sad face, they all got angry.

They were convinced that Autumn had stolen Charles away from Rachel. In their eyes, Autumn was a shameless bitch.

"Well, I need to leave now. I will be with you again later." Her plan worked and she could now leave. The host on the stage called out Rachel's name, "Next... Let's welcome our birthday girl and queen of this party - Rachel!"

Rachel smiled at Autumn and said, "Mrs. Lu, could you excuse me? I will be back shortly."

Autumn nodded, "Okay." She didn't care where Rachel was going. Autumn had chosen to stay with Rachel because she wanted to let Charles talk with his former business partners.

She found a corner and stood there, watching Rachel go to the stage waving and smiling at everyone. Rachel bowed to her guests and said, "Thank you for taking time to attend my birthday party. I hope that you all enjoy yourselves tonight."

After the brief greeting, Rachel was about to leave the stage when the host took her by her hand and said, "Wait a moment, Miss Bai. I heard that you were a dancer before you became famous. I wonder if you could treat us with a dance number."

"It..." Rachel looked slighly awkward, but there was no surprise in her eyes. Obviously she knew of the host's proposal beforehand.

The fans shouted eagerly, "Please, Rachel. We have

waiting behind the stage, in case Autumn turned her down. To her amazement, Autumn said yes and came up the stage.

She was stunned but shortly after, she burst into laughter and continued, "Thank you for giving me this honor. The piano is ready Mrs. Lu. Please give me a minute while I change into a dancing outfit. I will be back soon."

Rachel was wearing an evening dress, and it was improper to dance in it. When Charles observed Autumn's calm expression, he realized that she must know how to play, Or she wouldn't have given in to Rachel's request easily.

Noticing Charles' concerned expression, Autumn comforted him with a bright smile, "Don't worry. I only need to finish a song. Can we leave as soon as this performance is over? I am worried about grandma..."

Although her grandma was much better, the doctor had told them that she couldn't get through this winter. That was why Autumn resolved to spend more time with her.

Charles replied with a smile, "Yeah. When you finish your performance, I will introduce you to someone, and then we'll go back to see grandma." Meanwhile, Rachel had changed into another outfit. Autumn walked onto the stage, took a bow to the audience elegantly, and then sat down in front of the piano.

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