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   Chapter 170 Rachel's Fans

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6075

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"Look here, Mr. Lu." The reporters greeted Charles warmly. This was the first time for Autumn to attend such an event. She grabbed Charles' hand, unsure of what to do.

"Take it easy. Don't be so nervous." Charles soothed her as he patted her hand.

Autumn grew calmer and more composed with his encouragement. They stared at each other, eyes full of affection.

"What a beauty Mrs. Lu is!"

"Exactly! Mr. Lu has an eye for beauty." Autumn blushed at the compliments. Charles was elated at the comments and smiled in satisfaction.

In the crowd, a lady stared coldly at them with eyes that spat venom. It was Yvonne. Autumn and Charles were a perfect match. This made her clench her fists and a shiver ran along her spine.

'I should be the one standing beside Charles now.' Yvonne thought to herself.

"Here comes the birthday girl." Someone in the crowd shouted.

The reporters rushed in swarms to take photos of Rachel who was walking down the stairs.

The highlight of Rachel's outfit was the crown on her head. It was said that she borrowed it from a museum at a heavy price. Since she lost out to Autumn's evening dress, she wanted to... beat Autumn in other ways.

Rachel had seen Charles and Autumn from the top of the stairs. She gave a tiny smile as she thought, 'Autumn Ye, your name will live in infamy after this evening.'

While the cameras were zooming in and clicking on Rachel, Autumn suddenly sprained her ankle. Luckily, Charles helped her to her feet and said in a soft voice, "Be careful, babe."

"Sure." Autumn gave him a sweet smile.

They saw nobody but each other, which drove Rachel crazy. Rachel's face almost contorted with rage, but she immediately concealed it.

Rachel went down the stairs and came up to Autumn in full view of the crowd. She grabbed Autumn's han

e had to pretend to be happy. This made her fans feel sorry for her.

Rachel was such a kindhearted girl and they hated her ex's new wife.

Rachel grabbed Autumn's hand and brought her to her fans. She smiled and stated, "Thank you for coming to my birthday party. I really appreciate it. Thank you for supporting me for all these years. I hope you will continue to back me up in the future."

"Rachel, you haven't acted in any movie or attended any public occasion recently. May we know why?" A fan asked.

Rachel's smile froze as she felt embarrassed. "I've been exhausted recently. Everything turned sour for me... work, life and others. So I took this opportunity to take a break. Don't worry. I will be back to work as soon as I recover."

"Rachel, you look sad. Is it because of Charles Lu?" Who was this woman? She was nothing comparable to Rachel. Rachel was so soft and beautiful.

Charles must have been blind to marry this woman.

After hearing that, Autumn frowned and thought to herself, 'Ah! So she wants her fans to humiliate me. How naive of her!'

Rachel turned to look at Autumn and explained, "Mrs. Lu, my apologies. Please don't get them wrong. They didn't mean it that way."

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