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   Chapter 169 The First Time To Show Up In Public

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Aron found out that Mandy had sent out an invitation to Isla, but he did not make a fuss about it. He wanted his grandpa as well as Becky to be complacent during this period as he needed time to find out the real cause of his grandma's coma.

Rachel's birthday party was held in a five star hotel in the downtown area. The hotel was decorated in complete luxury, perfect for such a celebrity like Rachel.

Rachel had arrived early and was waiting for Yvonne there.

Instead of nagging Charles to drive her to the party, Yvonne went alone. With three hours before the birthday party, Yvonne called a taxi and went straight to the hotel.

After several years of struggling in show business, Rachel was able to snatch a wide range of contacts and got acquainted to many different people. And these people expected at this party were the rich and famous. It was an exclusive party and not everyone was in the guest list. It was strictly by invitation only.

Yvonne showed her invitation to the bodyguards and then went straight to Rachel's dressing room. Rachel was finally relieved to see Yvonne. "I have been waiting for you for a long time. Thank God! You are finally here!"

"Miss Bai, you look so pretty today." Yvonne quickly gave her a compliment. Rachel was dressed in a white gown adorned with many small pearls. Her long brown hair was curled and highlighted by a lily-shaped hairpin. The crystal high heels showed off her slender legs. She looked like an enchanting rose in full bloom.

Yvonne thought Rachel would be glad to hear such a compliment. However, Rachel just burst into a sneer after hearing that.

It was Charles who bought the white dress for her, but Rachel still felt furious since her favorite dress was taken away by Autumn. At the thought of this, resentment rose from her chest, making her indignant towards Yvonne's ill-timed compliment. Smiling grimly, she said to Yvonne, "Well, your flattery is not necessary. It doesn't work on me."

Yvonne felt awkward and embarrassed upon hearing this, but quickly recovered and said, "Fine. Miss Bai, I have prepared everything you asked me to. And have you selected the best man for this job?"

Rachel grimaced and hesitated. The best person for this job was Sam, but he had gone abroad, so it still remained a challenge.

Rachel kept sneering

he didn't want to have anything to do with her.

Becky blamed Isla for all this. If it weren't for her, Aron would not treat her like this and she could live a sweet life with him.

When Becky was about to get near Aron, the reporters all rushed over to someone at the door and began to take photos. Becky was curious about what was happening there, so she also went to have a look. As she turned, she saw a handsome man walking in with a beautiful woman, attracting the attention of everyone.

The man was in a black suit and looked mysterious and profound while Autumn was standing beside him quietly.

She also looked very pretty.

Her long black hair flowed like silk while her oval face looked so delicate and her eyes were cool. Her thick eyelashes made her look like a doll. And perhaps every woman present would be envious of her fair skin and small sharp nose. She wore a sapphire blue dress and smiled softly. It was enough to make the men go crazy.

The reporters had gotten the news earlier that Charles would bring his wife there. And it was a huge thing since his wife would have to meet Charles' ex-girlfriend, Rachel. So as soon as they showed up, all of the reporters rushed over and surrounded them.

It was the first time for Autumn to show up before the public and she just smiled quietly. Her smile was soft but it outshone everything, immediately.

It was no wonder that people would say that Charles, the prodigal son, had become good. Now it turned out that it was because he had gotten married to such a beauty.

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