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   Chapter 168 Parents' Love

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Isla stood up and grabbed Mandy by the throat: "Mandy, my father sacrificed everything he had to support your education. But what an ingrate you turn out to be."

"Let go!" With all her strength, Mandy removed Isla's hands from her, "Let me tell you, it was his business to support me, not yours. You can't do anything about it"

Isla did not show any weakness and faced Mandy. "I will, by no means admit doing anything dishonorable. Your pathetic attempts to defame me will take you nowhere. Get the hell out for you are not welcome here!"

"Fine! I will leave. But this is not over!" Mandy quickly left Isla's home with much resentment. Not long after, Isla felt weak and collapsed to the floor.

No matter how tough Isla pretended to be in front of Mandy, Isla was just a helpless girl who easily succumbed to sadness and disappointment.

She drew the curtains and curled up in the darkness, feeling secured from a cruel world.

At that time, the phone rang. It was Isla's Mom. "My sweet daughter, are you Ok?"

"Nothing serious." Isla murmured: "Mom, why are you calling?"

"I just want to ask if you are coming home. Your father and I have received Becky's wedding invitation. I know that this is hard for you to bear. We will not be attending the wedding. We will only send a cash gift as a token of our presence at the ceremony. We are planning to take a family trip to avoid this unpleasant scene." Isla's Mom, though in a high voice, did express her concern towards her daughter, every word and phrase filled with love.

Isla could no longer contain her grief, giving in to a flood of tears. Her mother impatiently asked, "My dear daughter, what is the matter? Just tell me. I will take care of this!"

Isla's Dad, on hearing his daughter break into tears, grabbed the phone and said, "My daughter, stay there. Your Mom and I are on our way."

A daughter is the apple of

suffered a miscarriage because Isla's Dad wasn't around to care for her. It was probably because he was too busy supporting Mandy's schooling. Isla was born after that. She became the center of her Mom's attention and she lavished Isla with such care. But their daughter was now wronged beyond measure.

"Dad, I'm awfully sorry. It is all my fault." Isla took all the blame. Everything would have been all right had she not kept loving Aron.

"My silly daughter. None of this is your fault." Isla's Mom held her daughter in arms and said, "I know my own daughter and she is an open book to me. She would never commit anything horrible like this. John, we had better talk with Mandy."

John was the given name of Isla's Dad. He decided to take her wife's advice after some careful thought. "It is best that we talk to her tomorrow morning. It is none of our business whom Becky chooses to marry, but slandering my dear daughter for her own selfish delusions of marriage is unacceptable and I won't have it."

With her parents around, Isla slept a sound sleep. Aron on the other hand was not so lucky. He was forced by Mike to attend the birthday of Rachel, the famous actress. He had to go with Becky and pretended to the media that he was in love with her.

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