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   Chapter 167 Wedding Invitation

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Becky flushed, her eyes twinkling with joy. "Grandpa, I don't think Aron wants to get married. I'm afraid he might have lost his feelings for me. He'll just be more reluctant if you ask him to marry me, " she said as soon as she calmed down.

"Don't lose heart, " Mike said with a frown, loudly interrupting her.

"I will always be on your side.

Don't worry. I'll make sure that the marriage is going to happen whether he likes it or not, " he said, full of conviction.

"But I..." Becky trailed off mid-sentence.

"Don't you want to make grandma happy?

She has always hoped that you and Aron will get married. Who knows? She might even wake up out of sheer joy knowing that you two get married, " Mike continued, trying to persuade her.

'If Joanna knew that I married Aron, she would be furious, ' Becky thought to herself.

"I guess I have no choice but to follow grandpa's arrangement, " she replied with a sly smile on her face.

"Good girl, " Mike said, clearly satisfied.

"You should go home and rest."

Becky pretended to refuse Mike's proposal. But he was so insistent it made her reluctantly agree. She laid down into the sofa as soon as she got home. "Mom, get me something to eat. Attending to that old fool for two whole days has made me so hungry and exhausted, " she whined, unwilling to move.

"What are you talking about? Be careful or someone might hear you, " Mandy said, reprimanding her daughter.

"Patience is key. Once your marriage with Aron is settled, you can do whatever you want." she continued, patting Becky's shoulder.

Sighing, she said, "I know. I'm really trying my best to be patient."

Becky got up and perched on the back of the sofa, leaning her head on her hands. "Mom, but how about my wedding ceremony?" she asked.

"I'm going to take care of it so there's no need to worry. I'll make sure that everything is ready when the time comes, " Mandy replied, reassuring her daughter.

Joanna's accident proved to be beneficial. Mike c

f on her eyes.

"Becky has always been on good terms with you ever since you were little kids, and I always like you. And you have even played an essential part in Becky's marriage! See? But you should start considering your own happiness, especially now that your cousin is getting married. Remember Mr. Huang? The one I introduced to you? He's a good man, " she continued.

"I can arrange your next meeting right away if you want to. But you must be friendly! You shouldn't be rude like last time."

"Aunt, can you stop acting? For god's sake, there's only two of us in this house! You don't need to act like someone you're not! Don't you ever get tired?" Isla exclaimed.

"If Gordon Huang is truly a good man, why did you help Becky steal my fiancé instead of introducing them?"

'Four years have passed and yet, Aron still hasn't stopped failing me. This time, I don't think that I will still be able to forgive him. Not anymore, ' thought Isla to herself.

"I'm leaving. I don't think I'm willing to waste any more time with you, " Mandy groaned, clearly tired of all the acting.

"I'm not sure whether you're able to attend the wedding. I gave the invitation for the sake of your dad, " she continued.

"I won't let you off so easily. Remember, Aron's grandma is still in a coma. You'll be in jail soon enough."

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