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   Chapter 163 I Believe You

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Aron asked, looking concerned, "Doctor, is my grandma all right?"

The doctor took off his mask and replied, "You must be the patient's family. The patient was in poor health, and she hit her head. She is now out of danger, but..."

When Becky heard the doctor saying that Joanna's life was out of danger, she almost collapsed to the ground. She could barely stand as she held on to the wall.

However, with what the doctor said next, she felt relieved, "But the patient might be in a coma indefinitely..."

Aron grabbed the doctor's hand and asked, "What did you say? What did you mean that she might be in a coma indefinitely? When will she wake up?"

Becky came forward, took Aron's hand and advised, "Aron, you are frightening the doctor. Let go of his hand!

"The doctor has tried his best. No matter what becomes of grandma, I'll take good care of her." Becky decided to take this opportunity to attack Isla. She continued, "Grandma has treated me so well. I won't spare that bitch- Isla."

Aron yelled at her, "Enough! Don't call her a bitch. She is your cousin. It is not certain that she's the one who did this. Don't talk rubbish here."

Becky fixed her eyes at Aron and said with a sad look, "Why are you still trying to defend her? "People at the company are the witnesses. Isla did this because she was envious of grandma's being on my side. Why do you still love this vicious woman?"

"This is a serious matter. We must investigate further..." Aron believed that this wasn't Isla's doing because he knew her very well.

Before Aron could finish his words, Mike's grave voice came from the end of the corridor. "There is no need for further investigation." He strode towards Aron and said, "The evidence is certain. What other proof do you need? Will you believe in it when your grandma never wakes up again?"

"Grandpa, you misunderstood. This is not what you think..." Aron continu

e few days. When she walked into the company, all the people around her whispered to one another. Little noise would cause her panic.

Then Autumn came back to the company. When they saw Autumn, they shut up immediately. No one dared to speak ill of Isla in front of Autumn.

However, Autumn felt something was wrong. She pushed Isla's office door open, but didn't find anything suspicious for the office had been cleaned up.

"Isla, what happened?" Autumn's grandma had gotten better, so she returned to the company. But she was shocked at the sight of Isla. They hadn't seen each other for three days, but Isla had lost so much weight, she looked freaky.

Autumn asked in surprise, "Isla, what happened?"

Isla raised her head, forced herself to give a smile and responded, "Autumn, you're back."

"What's the matter with you? Why do you look so troubled?" Autumn continued, "Has anything gone wrong while I was away?"

"I'm fine. I just haven't been sleeping well." Isla proceeded with a bitter smile, "I have gathered all the files. Autumn, I want to ask for two days off. You..."

"Go home and get enough sleep!" Autumn was afraid that Isla couldn't handle her work, so she approved of her leave request. When she left, Autumn called Paula to her office.

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