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   Chapter 161 The Frame Up

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Joanna urged the panic-stricken Becky, "Becky, answer me now."

Isla looked at Becky with contempt, not intending to help her.

'When Becky set it all up, she should have known that this day would come. No wall can stop the truth, ' she thought.

Becky was in a state of alarm and didn't know what to do next. 'According to Isla, Aron has evidence of my false pregnancy. Even if I can fool Joanna now, my lie will be known to all once Aron shows the proof.'

After a bit of hesitation, Becky said to Joanna, "Grandma, I really love Aron. Please believe me."

"I trust you. But I only want to know the answer. Did you get pregnant at that time?" Joanna was serious, determined to find out the truth.

"Does this mean so much to you?" Becky looked at Joanna with a frown and went on, "You know that everything I do is for Aron and I love him wholeheartedly. Why do you obsess over this question?"

"Becky, it's a matter of principle." Now Joanna had guessed the answer. She felt heartbroken and couldn't accept it. She asked, "Becky, why did you do that? We approved of your being together. Why did you lie to us?"

"Your approval made no difference." Becky cried out hysterically, "Aron and I have been together for four long years. His tough heart should have already softened, touched by my sincere love. But see what happened? I have done so many things for him and what do I get? Aron still loves this bitch. It has been almost half a decade, but he still couldn't forget her. Why does he love her instead of me?"

It was hard for Becky to accept it. She was superior to Isla in everything. However, Isla had met the perfect man, and Becky was envious of that. That was why she had plotted to steal Aron away from Isla by all

he didn't come to her senses until Becky asked her for help. She replied in panic, "Okay, I will!"

Paula took out her phone to call 120, and then called 110.

Then, she turned to Isla and said, "Miss Zhao, you overreacted. Whatever she said to you, you shouldn't have hurt her. After all, she is old. What you did is a crime. You could be charged with murder."

"No... I didn't..." Isla had a slight blood phobia. She almost fainted at the sight of it on Joanna's head. Now, she was freaking out and just kept saying that it wasn't her.

"You did this." With Joanna in her arms, Becky was praying that the ambulance would arrive late. 'As long as she dies on the way to the hospital, I'll be safe.'

Isla should have been more friendly to her co-workers. Now, no one would take her side.

"Isla, today I didn't agree when grandma proposed to come to you. However, I never expected that you would do such a terrible thing to her. If you're mad at me, you could have just cursed or even beaten me. But why did you have to hurt grandma?"

"Becky, shut up now!" Isla sat down and hugged herself, helpless and alone, "You pushed grandma on purpose..."

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