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   Chapter 156 You're Going to Marry Her

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"'Don't turn a deaf ear to me. I am talking to you. Do you hear me?" His grandparents deliberately pretended not to know that Aron was at odds with Becky and carried on talking about the wedding with him.

"Grandpa and grandma, can we just please stop talking about this right now. I am definitely not going to marry Becky. I have explained this to you, countless times in the past four years. I don't like her and I am not going to get married to her. But you just won't listen to me. Today is the last time I am going to say this to you. Becky is not the person I want to get married to, so please don't stop wasting your time trying to convince me otherwise, " said Aron.

"Why do you insist on talking about such nonsense?" His grandma's eye-brows furrowed in a deep crease and then she said, "Becky is a kind and beautiful girl who is madly in love with you. She has always been respectful to us. Why do you insist on breaking up with her? You're going to deeply regret passing on a good girl like her. Besides, she even had a baby with you before. You can't just break her heart like that, after what you two have been through together. You need to take some responsibility for that. You are my beloved grandson and I've always listened to what you've had to say, but this time I need you to listen to me. There is no longer any room for negotiations in this matter. I have already made up my mind on this."

After hearing this, Aron turned to his grandpa who coughed slightly and said, "I also agree with your grandmother on this. Becky is a really good girl. You've have been together for so many years, I think it is time the two of you got married."

"No. You are wrong. I have never been in a relationship with Becky, not even for a single minute." Aron frowned and paused for a few seconds, "Grandma, to be honest, I already have someone I love dearly..."

But before he could even finish what he wanted to say, his grandma slapped him on the face, unexpectedly. At first, when Becky came to her to complain about Aron's betrayal, she did not believe her because deep down she knew what kind of person Aron really was. She believed that, he might have been cantankerous at times, but he was certainly not an unfaithful man, who could betray someone's trust so heartlessly. However, after she heard Aron confess, she realized that she had been completely wrong about him.

It was her first time to hit Aron. Although she felt remorseful after slapping Aron, she was not willing to compromise on the matter. Aron had to get married to Becky.

"Aron, now I can tell you that you no longer have any say in t

a deep breath, then he finally nodded and said, "We are old now and we don't want to get in your way anymore. Anyway, I expect you to deal with it appropriately. But, you will have to persuade your grandma on your own, I can't help you with that. She is too stubborn."

His grandpa had finally agreed with Aron. He understood that Aron was an adult now and he would have to be responsible for his own actions. He was old enough to know who his heart really belonged to.

If he couldn't live happily with Becky after getting married to her, things would get much worse, and he would blame it all on his grandparents.

Even though his grandpa had come round, Aron's grandma was still adamant about her decision. As soon as she got back to her bedroom, she called Becky on her phone, to tell her what had happened between Aron and her. She was very open with Becky as she had regarded her as one of her family members.

Becky was still asleep, so when she received the call from Aron's grandma, she answered impatiently, "Hello? This is Becky. What's wrong?"

"Good morning, Becky. Are you still sleeping?" She lowered her voice and said to Becky, "I have something to ask you right now."

"Hello, grandma." When Becky realized that it was Aron's grandma, she sat up abruptly to pay attention and asked, "Grandma, what's wrong?" She quickly switched to a more gentle and soft tone which was a sharp contrast to her attitude just now.

"Well, I heard that..." The old lady was about to speak but then she hesitated, as she didn't know where to begin. "Yesterday you mentioned that Aron had fallen in love with another woman; I just wanted to know if it was true." She finally asked Becky because she wanted to figure out what was going on.

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