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   Chapter 153 Trailing Aron

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"Uh huh." Mandy took a deep breath and continued, "What happened that year made Isla a new person. She drinks at bars every day and dates countless men, but all these years she never brought home any boyfriend. Becky, Aron is really a nice man. You must keep an eye on him."

It was that same year, Becky trapped Aron and made him believe that he had slept with her. She had invested a lot of her time and energy on him over the past years. If after all of this Aron still refused to marry her, she would become a complete joke.

"I don't think Isla has moved on quite yet." Becky gnashed her teeth in anger. She had a gut feeling that Aron still loved Isla. Otherwise, he wouldn't come back to Y City now after all these years.

"Mom, how is Isla?" 'You know how they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.' With that in mind, Becky wanted to learn more about Isla.

"Not so good." Mandy shrugged and said in disdain, "Your aunt told me that Isla lost her job again. A 30-year-old woman with no job and no boyfriend, how pathetic is she?"

Becky was relieved after hearing that. "I told you not to come back when you told me that Aron and you planned to come back. At least you should have gotten married first. Now what if he gets back together with Isla?" uttered Mandy in a single breath.

"Mom, come on! Do you really think I can change his mind?" Becky said with a frown accepting her fate, "Aron decided to come back, and I was left with no choice but to come back with him. Anyway, you must keep an eye on Isla for me. Keep her away from Aron!"

"Don't worry. If she even dares to seduce Aron I swear I won't spare her!" Mandy sneered. Isla was nothing when compared to her beloved daughter. Then why was she so lucky to have such an exceptional boyfriend?

Therefore, when Becky had planned to set up a trap for Aron, Mandy helped her with

t you forget that she saw us lying on the bed together. She broke up with you even without listening to your explanation. Do you really think she loves you after all of this?"

Becky gave a scornful smile and continued, "Aron Gu, if she learns about the fact that I've lost a baby for you, do you think she will get back together with you?"

Becky's threat didn't work. Aron remained calm and composed. He said, "Do whatever you like. I simply don't care anymore!"

"You..." Becky knew that it was useless to argue with Aron and she could only count on his grandparents. "You will marry me. You just wait and watch!"

Becky announced as she left the hotel in tears. She didn't go back home but instead drove straight to Aron's grandparents' house. The moment she entered the house she broke down and started sobbing hysterically.

"Becky, you have been crying for over half an hour. What happened, did Aron bully you? If yes, I will punish him, " said Joanna.

"Grandma..." Becky held her waist and murmured, "Aron wants to break up with me..."

"What? He is such an ungrateful brat! Is he out of his mind?" said Mike. He was taken aback by Becky's words and asked anxiously, "What the hell is going on? Why did he break up with you?"

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