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   Chapter 151 Becky’s Anxiety

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Autumn's grandmother felt relieved after she briefed Charles all about Autumn's background. She soon fell asleep while leaning against the head of the bed as she was tired. Charles helped her lie down and slowly walked out of the ward.

As soon as he got out, he saw Autumn coming towards the ward with a container in her hand. He signaled her to keep quiet with a hand gesture and explained while whispering, "Grandmother has fallen asleep. Let her take some rest now."

"Charles, I am scared and worried, " Autumn said with tears welling up in her eyes. She could never hide her weakness in front of Charles.

She hated the fact that she had trusted Wendy. She thought, 'Maybe when people are driven to a corner, they grab any life-saving straw available without thinking who is at the helping end of the straw.'

Charles held Autumn by the shoulders. The magic in voice had succeeded in comforting and assuring her yet again, "Don't worry. I am here."

His plain and simple words were enough to put Autumn's minds at rest.

Autumn always felt safe when she was around Charles.

As Autumn was in a stressful situation, she had missed several calls from Isla. Isla who was hiding in the bathroom, almost cried as she muttered to herself, "Answer the call please."

Then she heard a familiar yet disgusting voice. It was her client. He said, "Miss Zhao, I have booked a room. Come out soon. As long as you make me happy tonight, I will send the contract to you tomorrow."

"I don't want it, " Isla shouted to him through the small door between them.

"Don't say that. You know the situation of your company very well. Your general manager was accused of plagiarism. And with such a tricky situation, no other company will cooperate with you. Considering that I have known you for a long time, I give you this chance to balance out the situation. Or else, I wouldn't talk to you, " The client laughed from outside the door, "Miss Zhao, I have been missing you since the last time we met. Don't worry. I will give lots of cases to Cloud Advertising Company provided you spend the night with me."

"There is no way that is happening. Get out of here!" Isla thought, 'I was too naive. I found it weird when I arrived. It's uncommon to negotiate business without his assistant or secretary. I wanted to take the chance and tried my b

s he went out to deal with some urgent matter. I'm sorry to waste your time this way. We can't talk about the wedding today."

"That nasty ungrateful boy!" Mike broke out into curses as he was angry beyond comprehension.

Mandy said blatantly, "Mike, Joanna, I am not picky. We dote on Becky and we do what we could to ensure that she has a comfortable and happy life. She loves Aron and we respect her choice and decision. But as you and I both know, it has been four years and they still haven't got married. We'd better… stop talking about this wedding and I think it would be in their best interest to break up, "

Mandy sneered, "It will be easy for an amazing girl like Becky to find a good boyfriend. Since Aron is simply not willing to marry her, the wedding… won't be held."

"Mother!" Becky reached out to Mandy's hand as she cried, but her hand was shaken off.

Mandy stared at the two elders coldly and said rudely, "I have seen my daughter take care of you three like a maid, who was at your beck and call, for four years. I thought as long as Aron cherishes her, I would respect their love and be happy for her. After all, Becky loves Aron very much. Four years ago, Becky lost her baby. Four years later, Aron refuses to marry her after all that they have been through together. You are Aron's family. You may understand the reasons behind my heartache."

She thought to herself, 'All parents regard their child as an apple of their eye. Why should I allow my daughter to be insulted by Aron and his family? I will simply not allow it.'

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