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   Chapter 150 Autumn's Real Identity

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Now she's all grown up, but her grandma was going to leave her.

Autumn remembered that when she was a little child, her grandma was very frugal and always wore old clothes, but she never treated Autumn shabbily. Autumn felt aggrieved and guilty at the thought of that.

"Sweetheart, don't cry anymore. Be happy. It breaks my heart to hear you cry." She wiped the tears off of Autumn's face and then sighed, "You are the only person I still care about in this world. Who will take care of you after I die? I am so worried about you, Autumn. Do you know that?"

That was the only thing she worried about. She was not afraid of death, but she just worried about her only granddaughter's well-being. Her faith in Autumn was the only support that kept her alive in this world. Although she was suffering from her illness, she tried her best to hold on, because she wanted to see Autumn, one last time, before her death.

Hearing this, Charles, who had been standing by the door silently for a long time stepped forward to put his hands on Autumn's shoulder and said, "Don't worry about her, grandma. I will take good care of her."

"Your voice sounds familiar. I remember your voice." Her grandma smiled and went on, "You brought me here yesterday, didn't you?"

"Yes. it's me. You have a good memory, grandma." Charles smiled and joked with her. "Grandma, in fact, I am her... I am her husband."

"Husband?" She was completely shocked by the news. She widened her eyes out of surprise, but her eyes were still hazy.

"Yes, grandma, " replied Autumn. Autumn wiped her tears and then introduced Charles to her. "Grandma, I have gotten married. He is my husband. Don't worry. He is a nice person and he treats me well. He cares about me a lot."

The poor old lady had been detained by Wendy for a long time, but occasionally she heard from Wendy that Autumn had gotten married to someone for Yvonne's sake. Her hopes that had just ignited, extinguished as soon as she remembered that. "Sweetie, I know you want me to be happy, but... But I know what happened to you."

"Grandma, are you saying that I got married to her because I thought she was Yvonne?" Charles soon got her point and asked. He smiled softly and then said, "I am aware of the truth now. So please don't worry. I love her very much. And now we have gotten the marriage license. We are legally, a couple now. And I can promise you that I will love her forever and take care of her."

"Really?" She was finally relieved to hear that.

"Yes. It's true. We are legitimate couple now." Autumn nodded slightly and continued, "Grandma, Charles is a nice person, so you don't have t

Wendy seduced Simon and became a mistress of him. Simon's wife was so indignant about this, but she had no idea what to do while Simon also turned a deaf ear to her words. His poor wife died soon out of excessive sadness. After getting this news, Bowen suffered this stimulus terminal and fell ill.

When Autumn was four years old, her father passed away, leaving her to live with her grandmother alone in this world. Before death, Bowen changed Autumn's surname so that his family would not be able to find her. It became a secret after his death and no one else had known about it until today.

"Charles, Autumn's home is in Z City. I am not sure if her family would want to recognize her as a member of their family, but she does have some relatives in this world. If they come to find her some day, please ask them to look after her." She took a sigh while saying.

Autumn was supposed to be the daughter of a rich family and she didn't have to go through such misery. However, she was forced to face the hardships in life, even though she didn't have to.

"Don't worry. Whether her family will come to find her or not, I will protect her and keep her safe, because she is my beloved wife now, " Charles made a promise sincerely. He had heard about the Zhao family in Z City before and he knew that they were a notable family, but they had emigrated to another country. And since then he hadn't heard from them. But he never expected that Autumn would be a part of Zhao family.

However, it did not matter to him, because he did not care about Autumn's real identity. He loved this woman no matter who she was and she was his wife forever. No matter what would happen, that fact would never change. He was determined to love her and give her a great life.

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