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   Chapter 147 We Are In The Same Boat

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"Don't worry, I'm moving on." Isla smiled with a light heart. She looked Autumn in the eye and said, "All I have to do now is to help you run Cloud Advertising Company properly, and make it prosper. That is my priority. As for other things... Well...who cares!"

"You are right, that's the most important thing for the time being, " said Autumn with a smile on her face. Since she had taken over the mess, she would try her best to sort it out. She promised herself that she wouldn't let Charles down.

They enjoyed talking until late into the night before returning to their respective homes. To Autumn's surprise, she heard the hum of conversation and ripples of laughter coming from the living room, upon her arrival. Chris had been working overtime these days. Charles shouldn't be home at this time. And Gary had been away recently. 'Who are chatting in the house then?' Autumn wondered.

She entered the room to find Rachel sitting on the sofa. This big star seemed to have changed a bit after all this time, she was now... well...more confident.

Yvonne was sitting right beside her, even Nancy was grinning from ear to ear and chatting merrily. It was typical of Nancy to draw a long face whenever Autumn was around. So now it seemed to Autumn, that she was the one who did not belong here.

"Welcome back, Mrs. Lu." The sharp-eyed Rachel was the first one to notice Autumn. She rose up to greet her at once.

Yvonne and Nancy had also stood up, but they straightened their faces without saying a word.

"What brings you here?" Autumn asked Rachel.

"Sister, I beg your pardon? Rachel is a super star. We are blessed to have her here, " said Yvonne, before she quickly took Rachel's hand and sat her down again. She then showed her hospitality by saying, "Rachel, please sit down and have some fruits."

"Thank you very much, " Rachel replied with a bright smile, as if nothing had happened.

"Mrs. Lu, you should take a seat, too. Let's have a nice chat, " she then said to Autumn. Rachel was beaming with delight. For a moment, Autumn had actually thought that she was paying a visit to Rachel's home, if not for Nancy's presence.

Autumn sat down on the other side of the sofa. "Rachel, why are you here today..." she asked lightly.

She was certain that Rachel wouldn't come here if Gary was at home. It was no coincidence that she showed up once Gary was away.

Autumn dryly cast Nancy a glance, and realized that their servant must have tip

Unfortunately, they had all refused her politely. This time her self-esteem truly suffered a devastating blow.

Rachel started to have regrets about her rashness. Had she known that she would end up in such difficult position, she would have never quarrelled with Charles.

"Didn't I tell you to leave me alone? Why did you come back?" snapped Rachel when she saw the door of her lounge being pushed open.

The assistant got startled at her anger and stopped at the door. "Rachel, someone is here to see you, " uttered the assistant timidly.

"Tell him to go away!" Rachel frowned and said.

The assistant then awkwardly stood back and was about to close the door. Just then, Rachel hesitated and asked, "Wait, did he introduce himself?"

"She said, she is Mrs. Lu's cousin, and that she just met you last night, " the assistant paused, "Rachel, should I send her in?"

"Oh, okay. Send her in, " Rachel said uninterestedly.

When Yvonne entered the room, she saw Rachel reading a newspaper on the sofa. Rachel appeared to be calm and peaceful. Upon seeing Yvonne, she quickly stood up and said, "What brings you here?"

"Rachel, I'm here to... present a possible proposition to you." Yvonne smiled faintly and continued, "We are now in the same boat, anyway."

"In the same boat? You must be kidding me." Rachel burst into laughter.

"I mean it. Rachel, although I'm Mrs. Lu's cousin... we have had a bad relationship ever since our childhood. And I can tell that you like Charles very much, so perhaps... we can join hands, " Yvonne said with a sneer. Now she had to wait and see whether Rachel would put faith in her or not.

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